Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Paint Formula

I am actually having a little trouble typing. See...genius here (that would be me) went and tried out a new, much shorter workout this morning at the gym thinking it couldn't possibly measure up to my normal 1-2 hour workout (I know...I'm crazy). WRONG! My whole body is screaming at me! My arms and legs feel like jello. It was only about 15 minutes worth of intervals on the treadmill and a few strength building moves, but HOLY COW! I take back my opinion that it couldn't possibly match my normal workout. This one blows it out of the water...and good thing as my workout time has become drastically limited these days.

O.K. That was random! Now, on to your regularly scheduled post. I have a paint formula for you! The beautiful faint blue that I mixed up. It was quite a hodge-podge of paint with Behr white ceiling paint and 10 scoops of another gallon (more Behr ceiling flat) I'd custom mixed in a Tiffany Blue/robin's egg, some spoonfuls of Valspars "Cinder Fox" gray (flat) I found on the Oops shelf. Don't worry. None of that really matters much except the Behr Ultra White ceiling paint in Pure White as your base. Bases make a BIG difference when it comes to getting an exact match. I have found that out the hard way! But, if you're willing to gamble, you'll probably get VERY close just using the formulas below.

I had Benjamin Moore match it for me as well as having Home Depot do a scan to get the exact formula for the Behr paint match. Here they are:

Benjamin Moore's scan of the paint gave this formula in Flat Paint.
*color could need slight tweaking as it would be using a different base from the original.

I used Behr Ceiling Paint in Plain White off the shelf. The first formula is for flat paint in Behr regular,
and the second in the Ultra Premium Primer and Paint in one.

Now, off to bed. Tomorrow I've got a new reveal for you! Until then...


  1. I love your painted ceilings and the beautiful shade of blue you came up with. I painted our master bath in Behr's Cumulus and I'm so happy with it - it's just a nice soft dreamy shade of blue. You have a wonderful blog!

  2. JoAnne -
    Thank you! When I started this blog, I had no idea how much I'd love creating it! I look forward to "blog time" every day.

    I'm loving the blue. The hubby may be surprised when I start progressing into the kitchen with it:)It's like you said...just a dreamy soft uplifting color.


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