Thursday, July 28, 2011

Green with Envy

B.E. Interiors Photography

"Natural Neon"
B.E. Interiors Photography
Not really, but it sounded good. Green. It's one of those colors that there are million shades of. Everything from neon to hunter to kelly. Take your pick. It's said to be one the more calming colors because it's found so much in nature. Heaven knows I have oodles of photos with green.

Once again, as with all colors, you have to balance your intensity with quantity. I can speak from person experience on this color. I love green and slapped a bunch on my dining room walls without putting much thought into intensity when we first bought this house. That's so uncharacteristic of me, but then again I am known to be a little spontaneous at times...especially when fed up with RED walls. So,up it went, and down it came about two weeks ago. Couldn't live with it on such a constant daily basis. Personal preference, not because it really was bad. I actually kind-of miss it at times.

 So, let's check out some green inspiration pictures today. Enjoy!

One of my favorites via Coastal Living.
Other view of same room. Love it!
via Coastal Living

Tropical Kitchen
and more of the same house! If I remember correctly it's in Mt. Pleasant, SC (Charleston 'burbs).
via Coastal Living
Elizabeth Dinkel Design

Galveston Idea House Guest Bedroom
Jean Allsopp Design

Master bedroom with natural materials
via Coastal Living

Suzie:  Phoebe Howard.  spring green playful bedroom with green walls, green upholstered bed, ...
via Phoebe Howard

freckles chic:  gold bedroom courtesy of  green walls, green silk drapes, green headboard, green ...
via Better Homes and Gardens
Suzie:  Sarah Richardson!    lovely green cottage bathroom design with green cabinet bathroom ...
Sarah Richardson Design
Suzie:  Artistic Designs for Living  Bright green laundry room design with white washer & ...
via DecorPad

Phoebe Howard Design
Willey Design
Suzie:  Amanda Nisbet.  green cottage bedroom design with green grasscloth wallpaper, white ...
Amanda Nisbet Design

 Enjoying this color series? Good! Hopefully I can finish up these so you have the last two or three before I crash into the bed tonight. Yes, I'm typing these on Friday prior to heading to the beach in the morning. Can you say "SLEEPY"?!


  1. Someone else just did a post on green a couple of days ago. It must be green week- I love green-I think it is fresh and alive! xo Diana

  2. I love these green rooms. One of my favorite colors and have quite a bit in my house.


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