Monday, July 18, 2011

The Case for Dark Doors

How great is this black door framed in turquoise?! Makes me think of Erin over at House of Turquoise:)
via Shelterness

Front entry doors make a huge difference in curb appeal... and ours is looking a little less than impressive. I don't think it's had a new coat of paint since the house was built 11 years ago. I've been contemplating repainting it for an eternity, but then I started painting furniture and blogging and....well.... Why didn't I just slap some paint on it and call it a day? It's currently a flat black and BORING. Other colors were calling, but nothing was appealing to me. If you like pictures, today's post is really going to appeal to you. I've been saving pictures for a while. Most of them were saved before blogging, so I can't tell you where they came from.

These are some images I pulled of front entry's that have that "wow" factor that I am after:

I LOVE this high gloss black!
I've narrowed it down to two options. I either want to go HIGH GLOSS black, like the door above or paint it faux wood. I've decided on our brick house, color just won't work. I'm after a very classic look to match the style of the house. It's an earth tone brick with black wrought iron and a high gloss black just seems to fit. The only reason I'm iffy on that or a "wood" look is that I also want to paint the interior doors and keep it all tied together. I'm leaning with the wood on the interior so I've gotta do some more thinking or hunting for the perfect shade of black.
Oh, so classy! Little less gloss on this. More like semi-gloss.

This is also gorgeous in wood tones and high gloss.

I think everyone loves this images off One King's Lane!

This color would look hideous on our house, but it sure is pretty with this painted brick.

I wish we could have a wood door, but there's not enough weather faux it may become!

Leave it to Martha. Nothing short of perfection.

Love a red door.

This is my dream door...especially with the jasmine arbor!

So inviting.

All those glass panels are fantastic!

Another dream door and arbor.

via Shelterness

via Shelterness

Glossy! via Shelterness

This is faux painted to look like crotch mahogony! Gorgeous! via Faux Painting Systems

via The Stamford Wife
To help with the decision process, I started hunting down images on-line of interior doors painted black and faux wood. I LOVE the way they add so much to a plain-jane interior door!

There's BM gorgeous Palladian Blue on the ceiling with the black door and white walls. See how great this would look with my current dining room colors?
via Cococozy

via Shelterness

Brian Watford via Houzz

via Shelterness

Mandy Brown Architects via Houzz

via Shelterness

via Houzz

Real wood via Houzz

Faux wood via Rags2Richs

Faux wood via Rags2Richs

Faux wood via Rags2Richs

Kim over at Savvy Southern Style blog redid her front door from black to faux wood and it turned out great!

She even was kind enough to give us a tutorial if you want to check it out at

I'm seriously leaning with the black for two reasons. It just seems to flow better with the color brick of our house and it would be WAY faster since I also want to do the interior doors. Speed is of the essence these days! Trouble is finding a good black. Have you ever looked at how many there are?! Gads! I want a brown toned deep black that would good good with oil rubbed bronze hardware, and I'm leaning toward "Black Fox 7020" by Sherwin Williams.

There's your eye candy for today. Now, off to work on furniture, laundry, and putting up a gazillion tomatoes! Ye Haw!


  1. Well, I was looking at all these gorgeous doors and lo and behold you have mine on there. How sweet of you. It isn't a faux wood look though. It is supposed to be kind of a worn terra cotta look and it brings that color out in the rock work around it. Also it was dark brown before and now all my doors inside on the bottom floor are the same dark brown. Your favorite is mine, too.

  2. That was so fun looking at all those doors. I'm liking the high gloss black too, and i love that room with the soft blue ceiling and black door... that looked heavenly, wish i knew that blue color... Those faux doors look so real it's amazing...


  3. Love the pictures of doors. I recognized Kim's door right away!;>) I used to have a poster of all doors from Ireland framed and hanging in my laundry room. I just found it cheery. Love the turquoise around the black door too! xo Diana

  4. I can't get over the faux wood look. Honestly, I'd never have known it wasn't the real deal. As for weather proofing, etc., they do make a wood look fiberglass door, insulated, etc. I think they are pretty expensive but if you are ever in the building or remodeling mode, it might be worth splurging on.


  5. Too funny...I literally just finished painting my first floor doors black 10 hours ago! And my front door is black. I love posting the pics Friday. Can't go wrong with black!

  6. I love colorful doors. Where did you find that picture of the apricot door?! I took a picture of the same exact house in Charleston, SC.

    I also have a post with other front door colors. I adore colorful doors. Thanks for the great post.

    Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl)

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