Monday, July 11, 2011

Blue Skies...Nothing But Blue Skies!

Isn't that a song? For some reason it came to mind and I'm not a big music person. The only time songs come to mind for me is when I'm writing/posting. Go figure! Not that I don't enjoy music, I just enjoy the quiet so much I forget to ever turn it on! Must have something to do with having three boys:)

My Blue Sky!

It's just the faintest hint of a soft blue - almost grey.

Anyhoo, I got the dining room ceiling painted this weekend. Wha-Hoo! And guess what? It's blue skys - nothing but blue skies, and I LOVE it! So airy and light. Now I'm contemplating doing the same in the kitchen with the leftover paint. It needs it anyway since I took down that fluorescent space ship that was parked up there.

It just adds so much to the room and really makes me like the white walls even more. As my Big Boy said while we (I) sat there admiring it last night "It makes you notice the chandelier now. I never noticed there was that 'white thing' (medallion) around it at the ceiling." Bingo! That was one of my goals and if a pre-tween boy can notice it, I've met accomplished it:) I also did a simple adjustment to something already in the room that made a HUGE difference. Can you spot it?

Can you spot the change (and no it's not the table centerpiece.
I just forgot to take that off and put the hydrangeas back!)

Just to build the suspense, I thought I'd show a glimpse of the fabrics I'm planning on using.

I fell in love with this when I saw it and had to have it even though I had no idea what I'd do with it at the time.

This was not out of remnants! I bought eight yards of it to recover a chair, then changed my mind. I have been dying to use it somewhere because it's so pretty. It's my inspiration for the ceiling color as well as the plate I showed before.

The minute I saw this, I knew where it was going. Can you guess?

I've had plans for the basket weave pattern for about two years and just haven't been motivated to use it until I painted the room. The others are from my stash. I'm hoping I have enough of the paisley to do what I'm wanting to. If not, I may have to go hunting for more and since it came from the remnants bin, that may be tough. If you have a clue where to get it, PLEASE share!

My "To Do" list is unbelievably long today! I've got several small items I have to put finishing touches on and get down that blank space I call my booth, slip-covers to cut out and sew, and laundry out the yin-yang...just to name a couple! So, I'm off to work while the two oldest are still sleeping. I'll get a scan on this paint color to post hopefully today or tomorrow.

Have a great Monday while I'm sweating it to the "oldies"!


  1. Hi- I just found you, but have no idea how...I'm sort of random like that. I did REALLY like something you wrote at the end of one of your posts about noticing what God has done, not if He's done it. I'd like to post it on my sidebar, with your permission and a link back to your blog, if I may. (Well, I did so I wouldn't lose it, but, will remove it if you request me to do that). It just was such an important thought, I'd really enjoy having visitors think about it.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. ♥♫

  2. That is the softest prettiest blue ever... It's so subtle and at the same time adds so much. Love it!


  3. It looks great and I LOVE that fabric. My 10 year old son comments about things I do in the house all the time...I love that. too. They really do learn a lot from what Mommmy is doing!

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