Sunday, July 10, 2011

Miss Bee's in a Panic!

"Hydrangeas 2011"
B.E. Interiors Photography
Oh, boy! I am in a frantic rush to get my next big furniture piece down to the booth! I sold my last big piece WAY faster than I thought I was going to and haven't got another one finished yet! I shouldn't be so stressed because God has faithfully provided again for this months rent and more, but I can't stand having nothing big down there. This is when I have to go back and re-read my Reality Check post and sit that work-aholic side of me down for a good talking. My goal is to sell one or two big pieces a month. I've accomplished that so I need to lay off myself, but I can't stand not having something lined up when one sells!

The last two weeks or so, I've taken time off to get caught up on things around here I needed to do. Things like redoing our dining room, putting up fresh veggies from the garden that are coming in faster than I can keep up with, deep clean, and hang with the kiddos. I do have several smaller items I can take down, but just haven't rushed to do it while taking a little break. Guess it's time to "...transform and roll out!" as the Transformer Autobots would say. (No girly movies around here with three - I mean four - boys!)

It's also just been beastly hot here hitting high nineties daily with afternoon showers meaning HIGH humidity. That equals temperatures that feel like 110+ degrees in the shade! Still nothing compared to what we had in Charleston, but not a great time to paint outside regardless.

So, if my posts slack off a little this coming week (not planning to, but exhaustion is a real possibility), it's 'cause I've hunkered down to finish my next big reveal. I'll leave you with the picture above of my hydrangeas this year for inspiration. Aren't they lovely? I was thrilled to see them soft pink and cream because last year they were periwinkle blue! That's what Epsom salts will do for them.

Have a great Sunday!


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