Saturday, July 9, 2011

I was SO Wrong and An Easy Project

I was so wrong in what color to use on the dining room ceiling. And when I'm wrong, I will admit it. I was using what I thought was the color I'd used from a sample pot on a glass plate hanging in the breakfast room. See the top pale blue one? Yes, that is the color I THOUGHT I was using when I matched the "Almost Aqua" from Glidden. In fact, I am totally confused now as to what that color was, I was that sure it was one in the same! Anyhoo...I started trimming out the ceiling in the dining room and noticed it was WAY too green. More like Sea Foam. Not what I was after. So, I got the labels and started comparing. Then I ended up at Home Depot playing "match the paint shade" with the ladies behind the counter. They ROCKED! After hunting for a color similar (I had plate in hand) we finally found one similar and decided to go add a portion of the black and yellow to see if we could turn Sea Foam into Tiffany Blue. BINGO! First try, she nailed it. I was so excited because I was afraid I was going to just eat that paint and start over.

So, the three kiddos and I trucked it back home and up the ladder (not them!) with this beautiful robin's egg/Tiffany Blue to trim out. Guess what? Too dark for what I was aiming for. So, back down the ladder, out with the extra gallon of white ceiling paint and a five gallon bucket. One gallon of white and 10 scoops of robin's egg later, I had the perfect tint. Now, I'm about half-way done trimming out.

Thought I out to warn you should someone be thinking that was the color I was using and decide to try it for themselves. It is pretty, but not what I was wanting. I pulled out all my swatch books and found Behr has one pretty dog-gone close called "Cumulus 500E-1". I will get a scan on the formula and post it when I get done with the room along with all the materials used.

Behr "Cumulus".

Hopefully, by Monday I can show you the newest version of the room with painted ceilings! Yippee! I thought I'd share another inspiration picture for this room and ceiling. This house was featured in Southern Living Magazine in June 2011. It's a classic low country style house and I'm in love with the color palette throughout. According to the info pages, the owner used Benjamin Moore's "Woodlawn Blue" cut by a third for the master bedroom (and all blue ceilings in the interior...I'm guessing - didn't say) and Sage Tint for the porch, but they all look pretty close to me. Very like my sample shown above!

Start with a smart plan

Salvage materials
Choose Authentic Lighting
All three images via Southern Living Magazine June 2011.

On another note, I was just thinking as I showed the picture of the plates, that is an easy little project to customize your decor. I found those pebble texture plates on clearance at Target for about $1 each and simply painted the backsides in colors to match my decor. Only prepping needed was a good washing! When you turn them over, they look like glass tile. Gorgeous!

Now, go have a great weekend and don't paint your ceilings until I've done the experimenting
for you (wink, wink)!


  1. That is sooo frustrating when you are working on a project and discover it is NOT going to work! I know that paint is always intensified when it is on the actual wall/ceiling. I have learned that lesson the hard way. We had one room painted "light rosy pink" for the girls and it looked like a raspberry when we were done-pretty but NOT what we were going for. Love your plates and can't wait to see what your room looks like when you are done. Hugs- Diana

  2. What a beautiful color! I'm sure you'll get it right, and I CAN'T WAIT to see it!


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