Friday, July 15, 2011

Fabric Jackpot!

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Hello. My name is Miss Bee and I'm a fabric-aholic. Something about beautiful fabrics at bargin basement prices just makes my heart race! I stand there touching and gazing at the colors, textures, shimmer...I'm sick. Truely sick! And enjoying every minute of it.

God is so good! I got to my fabric warehouse this morning and was one of the first in the door (with three sleepy, dragging boys behind me) and spent less than $100. I headed straight for the remnants in the back as soon as I could get the kids past the water dispensers and bathrooms. What is it with paper cups and a WATER cooler?! UGH! I was chomping at the bit and having to beg God for patience, because I wanted to dump them all in my cart and race back there, ramming every cart in my way, before someone else could get my stash I knew was waiting on me.

And, true to my fears, I was just a second later than I wanted and a lady stood there holding a pile of that lovely script fabric I used in the liners of my sideboard redo! I debated tackling her, yelling for the boys to grab the fabric and run!!!! But, I retained my composure and instead said "If you decide you don't want that, let me know!" Then I gave her this sickening sweet smile. I have no shame, do I?!

All was not lost. I found another pile of it (14 yards in total) and quickly swooped in for the kill, then slowly sauntered around with my prize enjoying the coveting looks I got:) It pays to be early. Even the lady working that area came up and told me they'd all been laughing when they put those out that morning wondering how long it'd take for them to disappear. News flash! French Script is a HOT ITEM!

That was not my only find. I also was blessed enough to find these beautiful fabrics as well:

Ooh, so Frenchy! Scored 4 yards of this and it's heavy - outdoor quality I think.

This was just so pretty I had to get it . 6+ yards!

Found another 5 yards of this beauty.
This one I got 10 yards of last month. What would I possibly need that much fabric for (hint, hint)? Could it have something do with my current BIG project? Guess you'll just have to wait and see:)


  1. Oh- How wonderful!!! Love fabric too! I suppose there is a 12 step program somewhere we could join....Naaahhhh! xo Diana

  2. OMGoodness! I am so jealous! (as you can imagine) I want, want, want, that script fabric! :-)

    Just another fabricaholic...


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