Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Here's a beautiful dining room to inspire you.
via Renovation Style Magazine Spring 2011

Have you ever gotten stuck in a holding pattern with a room's decor? Lack of funds (or a lack of willingness to spend them..i.e. being cheap!) has a way of doing that to you.

Frustration - not lack of motivation - is setting in with my dining room. I don't like to take a long time on a room unless it's only because of time needed to carry out the plan...which is usually the case when you're working with a budget. I like to take my time on coming up with a good plan of action, then jump on it and git 'er done.

Check list:
  1. Prime over walls and get rid of the green.  
  2. Figure out how to transform the chandelier on a non-existent budget.
  3. Find paint color and repaint ceiling a light blue.
  4. Make slipcovers for dining chairs (in process)
  5. Figure out design and paint walls. (in process)
  6. Make drapery panels.
  7. Transform chandelier.
  8. Make new dining table (eventually).
  9. Figure out a cheap rug option that doesn't look cheap!
Gads! When I type it out, it's depressing to see how far I've actually gotten. Of course, I have to remind myself this is a side project that I have to do as time permits. No,'s the current issue. The fabric I'd planned to use for drapery.. that helped steer the whole room's design direction is TWO...let me repeat TWO yards too short! UGH! I was wanting to work with some fabric from my stash in order to save money and because I really liked it. I went on line to see if I could order some more, and it's been discontinued! Now, I've got to figure out what to do. I could piece it with a band at the top or bottom (or both), but I really don't want to have horizontal bands. I looked last time I was at my fabric warehouse for something and didn't find anything on the remnants shelf.

So, I've hit the internet and started hunting. I'm feeling like my whole plan just got a major kink, but these things happen. The issue I work around it or just chunk it? If you know me, there is no way under the sun I'll quit and I like a challenge so...

Here's some ideas I'm playing with:

Option 1: Striped silk taffeta (ka-ching $ or a "Miss Bee Budget Version") or another patterned fabric with plain walls in either creamy white, Rice Grain or the ceiling color of light blue.

Aren't these GORGEOUS?! Too bad they are too short for that monstrous window of mine.
via Overstock

via Hyena Productions

Option 2 and most affordable (albeit most time consuming!):

Solid fabric curtains in either creamy white or light blue with a patterned wall treatment in SW Creamy, SW Rice Grain, or deeper blue ceiling shade done in a metallic strie/dragging paint technique over the existing primer base. Farrow & Ball has some fantastic wallpapers with the same look:

via Farrow & Ball Drag Strie Wallpaper 1202

via Farrow & Ball Drag Strie Wallpaper 692

via Farrow & Ball Drag Strie Wallpaper 1255

via Farrow & Ball Drag Strie Wallpaper 1261
via Farrow & Ball Drag Strie Wallpaper 1262
Aren't those beautiful?! I'm thinking it's going to be Option#2. There's a reason I've always used the walls for the color and left the furnishings and fabrics fairly neutral - it's cheaper (although a lot more work...and if you hate painting...) when you get tired of it to change it out! If all you have to do is change the paint color, a few accessories or throw pillows for everything to still match, you save a fortune over replacing big ticket items. That's not to say I don't love white walls and the color on the's just not in my budget generally speaking. Of course, this is just my first possible plan of attack.

Next week I'll be lounging by the pool/beach and unfortunately for you, doing no posting as I have no laptop to take with me on VACATION! Wha-hoo! So hang in there. I will have my trusty notebook for scribbling ideas in and the ever present camera. I should be all geared up, inspired, and refreshed for a posting bonanza when I get back:)


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