Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures

It's been a bit since I had a good day "treasure hunting". Mainly because I haven't been looking much. Truth be told, I got so discouraged with how little I was getting done during soccer season that I almost hung it all up. In fact, I've been doing some serious praying about whether or not I was to keep my booth.  I'm realizing today that I don't think I can give it up, though. I love treasure hunting and finding diamonds in the rough to give a makeover to. Second to raising kids, it's been one of the most rewarding things I've done in a long time.

I went out today just to get some cold weather veggies for the garden, but wouldn't you know that seed store just happened to be right around the corner from one of my favorite haunts?! So, of course I had to peek in and see if any treasures were to be had.

Guess what? I found some goodn's! Then I proceeded to nearly break my back trying to get them out of the car when I got home. I don't wait on help very well! Honestly, I continue to be amazed that God protects me from my own stupidity like he does. If his love was based on intelligence or goodness, I'd be a lost cause:)

Anyhoo, wanna see what I found?

This beauty immediately grabbed me and screamed, "Take me home!" Of course, I had to oblige. I mean, look at the curves on her!

Isn't this demilune table gorgeous?! I gotta admit...I'm tempted to keep it and put it in my foyer.
At least until I can find a Sheraton style buffet. It would fit perfectly!

Someone had started to redo this piece and has already done the hard work for me. All the sanding except for removing that black mystery glob has been done! Wha-hoo!

How great is the hidden drawer?!

Next, I saw this ANCIENT old sewing table sitting there looking so sad, I felt sorry for her. Truth be told, I broke one of my own "rules" by buying her...in a way. I never buy something I'm not sure I can salvage and she's pretty far gone....but she has a redeeming quality. See those legs? Those  are gorgeous and even if I can't salvage the top part, the legs could be reused as a table base. They are actually quite modern looking if you look at the geometric quality of them! That piece is what nearly broke my back. I just about dropped her as I tried to slide her out of the car. Those legs are cast iron and heavy as lead!

I honestly don't know if this wood cabinet top is salvageable until I try. It'll be a bit like putting a puzzle back together (if all the pieces are there!).

Look at those awesome cast iron legs! Tell me they wouldn't look fantastic on a table.

The cabinet was empty, but the pulleys all work like they were freshly oiled and cleaned. Amazing!

This side piece snapped when I nearly dropped it. It made me a little sick,
but the main reason I bought this was for the legs. Besides, it was better for that to snap than my back! Ugh!

The other items were smaller, but one was particulary exciting. I found a small box of Johnson Brothers Ironstone! I dug through it and managed to find four bowls that were in good shape (a little crazing), the rest were plates that had a big cracks (sigh...). But, I did get four bowls to take to the booth, as well as a stack of very old books to tie with twine and sell.

Honestly, until I started reading all you other bloggers out there, I didn't know anything about ironstone.

I still don't know much other than I love it's simplicity and I've started my own little collection. 

Last, but not least, I found this Pottery Barn ginormous pin board (39"x60") for myself. Actually, for the boys. They've needed somewhere to display their art and this will work perfectly in the hallway outside their bedrooms. They keep wanting to tape it to my walls (!!!!) so I was thrilled to get this for....(ready?)...only $2! Can you believe that? I looked it up on-line and I think it would retail for around $150-$250. There wasn't a price on it, so I ask one of the guys there. He went to the back to find out. When he came back out and told me, I stared and asked if he was sure...like an idiot! (Take it and run!) He confirmed and I immediately told him to put it in my stash. I still can't believe that price.

I managed to put that mark on it when trying to get that sewing table out of the car.  It should come off though.

My day so far in a nutshell. Now I gotta go clean up/organize our garage (aka my workshop/storage room) to make room for the new pieces before hubby gets home and is completely overwhelmed by my mess out there! Nothing gets my blood flowing like a good day of treasure hunting:)

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  1. Love, love, love that first piece you bought...and I love that old sewing machine too. There used to be a cafe in town that used all old sewing machine bases and made table tops for them...for the little tables to sit at and eat! Some GREAT finds! xo Diana


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