Monday, October 24, 2011

New Rug Choice

Well, after making you wait an eternity, I'm finally going to show the rug I chose. Ready?

There has been another change in this photo of the foyer. Can you find it? Look at the before photo below.

Foyer before rug and with a white door (oops! I gave it away!).
Surprised? I've got a feeling you figured it was the other one because I originally was going with a blue and green palette, which I am still using, just in a much more muted way. The course was changed slightly when I realized I didn't have enough of the fabric I'd planned everything around. It went more muted and earthy when I found this rug that I loved for $50 (75% off at the outlet!!) and realized how well it tied in to the family room's existing colors.

These colors appear a slightly little more brilliant on screen than in person.  It has a little more
of a faded appearance in real life. The rusty orange isn't quite as pronounced as it appears here, either.

This photo portrays the colors a little more accurately.

I'll admit, at first I was just sure it was going to be the blue and green rug. But when I laid it down, suddenly the green became way too gray. More of a putty color. It's a gorgeous rug, but it was just not the right shade to go with all the other more yellow based greens throughout the adjoining spaces.

My second option for a rug.

So, I laid the other one out and it was an instant...."Perfect!" The colors are more earthy and just tie in so well with everything else already in the adjoining spaces. Heaven knows that I can't afford to replace all the furniture, drapes, and accessories... so whatever I do has to tie in with them. On top of it all, I know a certain Scotty Dog that has a fondness for soft rugs and jet black hair! The brown tinted black border ties in with all my black accessories (i.e. dog hair) the newly painted front door. See? I told you I've been busy (more on that later)!

This has been the hardest room I've done by far due to a couple of things. I had to tie in everything with adjoining open concept rooms and deal with eleven foot ceilings - which means hanging drapes and painting are NOT easy for little ol' me! Because this room is really becoming more my office and workspace, it's also meant I was very picky about what I wanted surrounding me the majority of my day. Things can get a little stressful at times, so I wanted a color scheme that made me relax. Yet I battled with my desire for color. Add to all that a squeaky tight budget and time schedule, knowledge that I had to get it right for me as well as resale potential, and I nearly threw my hands up in frustration! (Sometime in the not too distant future we'd like to sell this place to build our dream home and I DO NOT want to redo this room.)

I'm taking some risks and experimenting with this redo...stepping out of my comfort zone. Although I'm neutralizing, I'm going a little darker in some places than I normally would. For instance, the front door was painted black/brown instead of white - on the inside. Change is good and fun (if you aren't the spouse who has to watch and wonder when - if ever - it'll end), but that doesn't mean it's easy!

p.s. I'm skipping the mood board today as I've not taken a new photo this week to share!


  1. Love the rug and love the new color on the front door. Your entry is lovely.

  2. Where did you buy the rug? I'm looking for somehting similar and the price is perfect!


  3. Oh-It is perfect for your entry hall! I love it and I love the darker door. It really makes it pop. I have had that happen too...when I brought something home thinking it would be perfect and it just kind of "washed out" in the room it was intended for.

    I am anxious to see what you are doing next! xo Diana

  4. Beautiful rug! And, what a deal-wow!! I love that moment when you place something and it is just "right"! The black door makes a great statement. It is a lovely, welcoming entry.


    p.s. thank you for your comments and Ella appreciated the hug. I know how difficult it is to lose that part of your heart, you never stop missing them...

  5. Thank you so much for the sweet compliements! They are so reassuring. I've looked at/thought about this room so long I've started second guessing myself (which I rarely ever do!)

    Melissa -
    There is a rug factory here that has an outlet store in the front of it. Twice a year they run a sale of 75% off their already low prices. Both of the rugs were originally $200 or so - which was already a great price for a premium rug, but then add 75% off that and ... well... I ended up with two! If you'd like more info, email me and I'll be glad to send it.


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