Monday, October 3, 2011

Hang in there!

Oh,  my word! How did this many days go by already since my last post?! Hang in there with me guys, please (yes...I am begging!). Fall sports season does a number on us. We literally had seven games just last week between two kids! Ugh! It's been all I can do to get uniforms clean before the next game. Thank goodness for the "speed wash/dry" setting! I look forward to soccer seasons (fall and spring) as it's one of my favorite sports. But I also look forward to the end of it because I am worn out when the whirlwind ends. My two oldest are finally starting to get to the ages where it's getting more skilled, intense and fun to watch - so I'm also a little hoarse:) It's no longer like they are cats being herded down a field! Wha-hoo! The season is over mid-October, so hang in there while I try to keep my head above water. I'll be back in full gear with my posts soon and in full autumn mode as it's starting to cool off here finally.
"Canadian Goose"
B.E. Interiors Photography

"Canadian Goose Feathers"
B.E. Interiors Photography
Until then, I'm leaving you with a new inspiration picture that I'll add to all week in Pinterest.  I'll give you a hint at what grabs me first off with this picture - all the subtle color variations. I've not had time to do a board yet on it, but you feel free to see where your imagination takes you with it! Keep checking Pinterest to see what I add to my boards as well. You never know where this crazy imagination of mine might go with something as simple as feathers:)


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