Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Dining Room Paint Colors

O.k. want a hint as to which rug I chose for the foyer (aka. part of my dining room)? I'm gonna share the paint colors for the room, but I'm going to leave you guess just a wee bit longer as to where I put them.

I had already painted my ceiling blue.

My blue ceilings right after finishing them.

Another shot. Just a faint hint of blue with a touch of green in it.

My ceiling color was another custom mix similar to Behr's Cumulus.

I ended up going a totally different direction from where I'd planned on going due to fabric shortage and the new rug choice. Fortunately, the blue ceiling works well with the colors and is just a nice accent. At first I contemplated repainting it, but I love blue ceilings. It ties the room in with the rest of the colors throughout the house. I have tied it in with a few accent pieces within the room and really like it all together. goal with this room was to neutralize. But, neutral doesn't mean boring or just white. The great thing about the colors I chose is I could use any rug, drapery, upholstery or accent color I want. Imagine wood instead of paint. Anything coordinates with wood! Hopefully, that means when I'm tired of this color scheme, I can just switch those items out without repainting. It's a very soothing, warm, neutral and restful color palette.

So what did I do? Here's my paint colors.

A custom mix  of warm white similar to Sherwin Williams Dover White:

A warm tan/beige color that I found a five gallon bucket of on the oops shelf for $20 (!) at Lowe's:

Color is similar to Believable Buff - 2nd from top of card.
And a warm brown that I used in my master bathroom and love. I had leftovers so I didn't have to by more:

Behr's South Kingston - a warm, green toned brown.
Now, which rug do you think I picked? I'll share that maybe tomorrow as a quick post:)


  1. You are SOOO bad to leave us hanging as to what rug you picked. I'm not even guessing!!!;>) I do love your color choices though! xo Diana

  2. Such a tease! Love the colors you chose and can't wait to see where you used them!


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