Thursday, October 13, 2011

Steppin' Back

Have you ever looked at or thought about something so long that you feel like it's all muddled up in your head and you no longer see through clear eyes? I'm currently working on a room like that. Hopefully I can share it with you soon. I've honestly hit that point where you're so ready just to git 'er dun that you could get sloppy in your rush.

So, sometimes you just gotta step back a bit and focus on something else. I needed to do that tonight. Soccer season is over Monday. I feel like I've been in such a tail spin lately that I just need to look at something pretty and not think at all. I'm running on empty in the inspiration department. (I did my Monday Inspiration/Pinterest Board, but haven't posted it on here yet. I'll save that for this coming Monday.)

I love repurposed things. It's great to do for several reasons: cuts back on garbage in landfills, saves money, and sparks out of the box thinking... something I'm a huge fan of. But, I'm incredibly picky. For me to like it, it's gotta look authentic to a point (hard to explain what I really mean)... like it looks/works appropriately and artistically... not like an after-thought and not like some junk laying around. I did some searches just to see what I could find that inspires me and thought I'd share them with you.

I love these vintage wallpaper cutouts that can be applied to the wall for decor! Same concept as my nursery art made from leftover fabric scraps.
via Romp 

Here's another great one from Romp.

How cool is this side table made from a luggage rack and vintage suitcase?
via Little Miss Cards

This is incredibly funky. How fun would this be in a firehouse?!
via Home Dosh

Talk about a cheap lamp! Wooden clothes pins are pennies on the dollar.
via Home Dosh

This is just fantastic. I actually stood staring at an old burned out stadium light shaped like this last weekend trying to figure out what I could do with it because I just loved the size and shape! It would also make a really cool vase.
via Trend Hunter

This is just ingenious! No one can ever claim the don't have room to grow a garden after seeing these repurposed rain gutters.
via New World Geek
The next three are out of my files I've saved over time and I have no idea where the came from!

Great use for all those old t.v. armoires everyone is getting rid of these days! A sewing table, table, desk, etc.

Egg crate pendant! Mod and funky!

One of my personal favorites. I bought an old leather suitcase at an auction for  only $1 to try this,
but it was too small for Scottie Dog!

Last by not absolute favorite. These stools made from old industrial [truck?] springs are just too cool! (I can see matchbox cars being run down them by a certain someone as I type - meaning a good coat of sealant!)
I'm feeling a little more inspired now. So, what have you got sitting around that has great form or shape that maybe could be turned into something beautiful and useful?


  1. Those spring stools are incredible! Thanks for some inspiration in upcycling. I need to take more time to look at what I have to figure out how I can reuse it.

  2. Hi Miss B.e.e. -
    You know I love repurposed and recycled design and decor over here at Blue Velvet Chair, so I enjoyed this post. See a couple of items I can pin that I haven't seen the doggie suitcase bed, and the clothespin lamp. Great projects.

  3. I like the fish in the incandescent bulb.

  4. This is an excellent blog! Love the ideas (BTW, Pinterest sent me :) did you make the egg crate lamp? Is it in one of your blogs somewhere?

    Thanks!!!! Keep up the AWESOME work!!!!


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