Monday, October 17, 2011

Inspiration Monday #4

"Autumn Gold"
B.E. Interiors Photography

Fall is finally here in full swing where I am. How about 'round your neck o' the woods? The maple tree out front is starting to turn, and beautiful bright red leaves are falling all over the driveway. I marvel at the perfect beauty of them each time I walk out the door.

All that beautiful scenery has really gotten me interested in a specific color for this fall...pumpkin orange! I don't know why, but that color more than any other is speaking to me right now. A beautiful rich gold, caramel orange...not bright. Something along the lines of these two oranges. I pulled them from House Beautiful's website that are two of their recommended oranges.

Ace Yuma 
California Paints Pumpkin 16

Since I'm in the mood for a little orange/gold, I started hunting through my photos and found this one that has wonderful shades of golds, creams, and topazy oranges. What a great jumping off point for my inspiration board for the week! I think I'll create an imaginary entry/foyer based off this.

So, what comes to mind when I see this photo besides color? Here's my brainstorming list that gave me direction for the pieces to create the mood board:

  1. fall leaves
  2. barn wood
  3. leather jackets & boots
  4. baskets
  5. pumpkins
  6. rustic
  7. sparkle
  8. grass
  9. crystal
  10. gold
  11. geometric leaf pattern
  12. green
  13. glass beads
  14. box pleats
  15. rich deep brown
  16. dirt
  17. creams
  18. orange
  19. walking sticks
  20. hiking
  21. cozy
  22. light
  23. firewood
  24. soft, fuzzy blankets

Using those as my guide, here's what I pulled together all based off the photo I shared at the beginning, "Autumn Gold":

Inspiration Mood Board #4 
There you go. Another one to take and run with. What do you think of when you look at all God's beautiful fall colors?

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  1. Your inspiration board is gorgeous. When we were first married I painted my kitchen orange-because it made me happy...we lived in a dreary, cold climate and it just warmed everything up. I love those colors at this time of year..and when I wear those colors people always comment on how nice I look. xo Diana


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