Friday, October 21, 2011

New Slipcovers

Did you think I'd forgotten about the dining room redo? Trust me, I've done anything BUT forget about it. I've been one really busy girl. So busy in fact, I've not had time to document all the changes that have been going on in that room! So, today I thought I'd start catching you up by sharing the slipcovers I made for four of the eight chairs still in their original 10 year old upholstery.

My dining chairs in their original state.

With three boys, I need to have at least three chairs covered in something they couldn't ruin [easily]. I started to go with all white slipcovers like I've used in the past (gotta love bleach!), but I've had this fabric on a shelf now for a long time begging me to use it. It's a busy chevron basket weave pattern that could hide a world of sins. So, after a hot wash and dry to get any shrinking over with, out came the sewing machine. A ton of pinning, cutting, seam ripping, etc. later, they were finally done. There's a tutorial about half way finished on them, but I've held back on sharing it. They were not easy to make without a pattern (not that I ever use patterns!).

What do you think?

My upholstered chairs have now become my "seagrass" dining chairs:)

The hard part was getting the back and bottom pieces to connect and hang smoothly! I think I spent
a few hours on a couple of them that I had some trouble with. Others went smooth first try. Go figure!

I may do a modified version for the tutorial where the back and bottom are two separate pieces.  I originally intended for these to be separate pieces so that they could be taken off individually to wash. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough fabric to allow for that.

This is great fabric, but can't find more of it. It's a Mill Creek design. If you see it somewhere, please let me know! I've noticed I tend to always gravitate to Swavelle/Mill Creek fabric patterns. So many of the designs and colors they use are right up my alley, but they do one thing that drives me batty. They don't always print the name of the fabric pattern on the selvage, which makes for a nightmare hunting down more of it if you tend to buy off the remnant shelves!

I've only done four chairs (wanted to do six but didn't have enough of this fabric) because I want to mix it up in there. I am currently debating even slip covering the others or reupholstering them. I'm trying to think long term because I'm still set on making or buying a big farm table. When I do, then I'll sell that table and possibly the chairs. I don't want to make them so taste specific that I can't get rid of them when the time comes. Not that I couldn't reupholster them again, but I'd rather spend my little bit of free time on other things:)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Lovely work!!
    They'll stand up to 3 boys now for sure!!

  2. Great job! I'm glad you said "seagrass" because that's what I see when I look at the fabric. I don't think I would have had the patience to spend the hours that you did!

  3. These look awesome! I can't wait for the tutorial, as I'm always wanting to find out how others make slipcovers. These definitely would hide a TON of spills!

  4. Love your fabric and the slipcovers turned out so pretty!

  5. Ok, I sooo want those! They are gorgeous!!! I want to see the tutorial as well - I don't sew but I'd love to feature them in an upcoming post ok???

  6. I love these !! They are perfect for your gorgeous chairs ... I look forward to seeing them in your stunning dining room !! I understand about not wanting to make them taste specific if/when you sell the table/chairs, BUT, I think having the head chairs in a different/complimentary fabric always looks fabulous! Whatever you do, it'll be beautiful!

  7. Beautiful! I think your slipcovers are just lovely!! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  8. What a great looking piece, My furniture 's Old White is almost gone so I think I will mix it with various colurs and make it more attractive. Will be best looking with combo of white and lavender.


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