Friday, June 10, 2011

Smokey Bear becomes The Baroness

"How YOU do'n?" (love that quote from Friends...why did that show have to end?!) I've been down under for the last few days, and no I don't mean visiting the Outback...(I wish!). I was down for the count and under the weather, wishing I was down in the bed and under the covers! But, as we Mom's all know, we have to literally be at death's door to get that! The meds the doc prescribed made me feel just a little loopy. I was afraid if I typed a post, it would have been gibberish! For example, I edited all my before pictures and now I can't find them! I have no idea where I saved them! Thankfullly I had a few elsewhere.

Anyhoo... Ready for another reveal? It's been a while, hasn't it? Remember Smokey the Bear? Yes, Old Smokey has gone through quite a transformation and become.....

The Baroness!
(Lacking smoke, that is)

Here she is, in all her glory!

Talk about a labor of love!

This was the detailing I fell in love with.

The white is Sherwin Williams "Creamy".

I had a sample pot custom matched to the tan color in the fabric, which I then mixed with glaze.

The glazing brings out the beautiful Art Deco detailing.

Like the new knobs?

I wanted to make the inside like a jewel in a box...when you opened it, you saw the real beauty!

This fabric was my inspiration and jumping off point. It was more of my remnant finds.

The inside of the drawers are painted Martha Stewart's "Tide Pool" Precious Metals. Gorgeous turquoise color!

It took me forever to finish this one. Taking on a smokey, repair needing piece isn't fast work. I've had a number of custom orders and they've keep me tied up as well. I just had to go visit Old Smokey whenever I could squeeze in a few minutes, but He has now become a SHE! What'cha think?

Just to review, I found this old chiffrobe/armoire at one of my local thrift stores. It REEKED of fire smoke. Apparently, it had been sitting in a storage unit that had caught fire. The lady checking me out thought I was crazy to take it (that's never stopped me)! I had to strip it down to the bare...and I do mean bare bones, wash it with Murphy's Oil soap multiple times, prime with Zinnser Bin (my new favorite primer) and put multiple coats of paint/glaze/fabric/wax on it, but it's now smoke free. You'd never even know it had such a rank, lowly beginning!

Smokey Bear arrives home (I had to Lysol the car big time)!

Part of me hated to paint this. I think it's walnut! But, I had to do some repair work on places making it a necessity.
The incredible amount of nastiness coming off! Can you believe how thick those layers of paint were? See the white residue? Ash!
I bet this was beautiful when new!

And, just to slow me down a LITTLE bit more, I forgot to follow my own directions to size fabric larger when lining with it! It shrank and I ended up having to find and order more. While waiting on it, I dropped some hints as to what was coming. If you want to know info I didn't include here on any of the process, let me know!

I really enjoy recreating a piece of furniture. I'm finishing up one or two more quick projects to show you (I work on multiple things at once), and then I get to start on my next big project using my fabric remnants I just found! Remember this?

Can't wait to get started using these remnants!

 I'm not trying to crank out a ton of stuff. I goal is to sell one or two BIG pieces a month with my smaller stuff down at my booth. I enjoy taking my time and making each piece a work of art.

I have got to reduce the amount of email in my Inbox, so I'm canceling some of my blog post subscriptions. If you notice a drop in your reader number, it's not that I don't like it or am not still keeping up. I just am signing up as a follower instead so I can keep up with them in my Dashboard versus my Inbox.

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  1. I've been painting roses quite a bit lately and I can just seen some painted inside those big, white panels. They make a perfect canvas!

  2. Wow, that is gorgeous. I love the way you did the inside. I can't believe that is paint you are pulling off.

  3. All I can say is WOW! This looks fantastic! A lot of work but a great pay off. I need to find me a Smokey Bear lol! Great Job!

  4. It is gorgeous! Love knobs as well as the colors and pattern for the interior.

    You did a fantastic job!

    ~ Tracy

  5. You did an amazing job on this piece. All of the details are gorgeous

  6. Uh. Yeah, that's totally amazing. Can't believe all that paint and ash. Totally ambitious project and you really made it gorgeous. The fabric is perfect, it looks like a beautiful birdcage. Congrats on getting it done and hopes it sells quick!


  7. Totally awesome! I knew the glaze would make it pop. Great job. If I didn't already have so much junk, I'd buy it from you. :-) I'll be doing good though to get what I have in my "new" house. I do know who to go to though the next time I need a piece refinished. Look forward to seeing the next item.


  8. Absolutely gorgeous! I adore the paint color- couldnt be more perfect! Great job!

  9. I thought the outside was beautiful, but when I scrolled down to the pic with the doors open it literally took my breath away. Just stunning. I need me on of these! :)

  10. AMAZING!!! That bad boy is beautiful! I just finished up my dining room table . . . a project a bit bigger than I had anticipated . . . I love the finished product and the feeling of satisfaction. Good job!

  11. I am loving this cabinet! I recognize the fabric too! How did you attach the fabric? Mod podge or what?

  12. Wow! Awesome piece and beautiful work. I can't believe that is paint you are pulling off! The fabric is perfect. I just found your blog and have enjoyed looking at past post's and projects.


  13. Ya'll are so sweet! I'm enjoying all the kind words on my pet project from the last month or so. Thank you!

    Amy - the fabric was orginally attached with liquid starch, dried and a line drawn where it needed to be trimmed. Then I pulled the edges back enough to get a nice clean cut that fit perfect. After that, I used Mod Podge to reglue the sides back down and seal it all over. I'm always hesitant to trim until it's dry due to shrinkage!

  14. what a truly fabulous makeover...all that ick you removed really unearthed the beauty beneath...adore the antiqued white finish and the wallpaper and paint touches inside...thanks for sharing your work on fridays unfolded...and just a hint...this post will fit in perfectly with our blog party coming up soon!

    stuff and nonsense

  15. Beautiful and then you open the doors and it's stunning.

  16. Holy Cow! My JAW DROPPED when I saw the befores! You are amazing & I wan that armoire so bad, it is gorgeous!
    Just found your blog, but I will be following regularly now:)


  17. Well- I really like this sex change! Some of them...not so much...but HE made a beautiful SHE when done. LOVE the lining too. I'm with you- take your time with those big pieces and make them this one. I am glad that you are feeling better! I remember how hard it is to have little kids and not feel well. You really can't take time so that you can heal properly, can you?

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and take good care! xo Diana

  18. Super gorgeous job!! I love the interior!! That paint you were peeling off freaked me out!!

  19. This is such an amazing transformation. The interior is fabulous. I would love to have an armoire like this. The hard work you put into this piece really shows.

  20. awesome!!!! this is right up my alley! I am a new follower from the dittle dattle hop...hope you will pop over soon! I do furniture/decorating etc and I garden!

  21. I'm just totally knocked out!! You did an amazing job. What hard work. I applaud you and your tenacity! Not only is the outside beautifully done, but the inside is a true work of art! Thanks so much for sharing the inspiration with all of us at VIF!
    xo Debra

  22. that looks so amazing! i love the shape of this piece. so glad you got that nastiness on camera, too. it really shows how far a piece has to go.

  23. Wow! What a positive transformation. Goes to show that a lot of elbow grease pays off.

    Fabulous work!!!!!

  24. You inspire me! When you did the dining room transformation, I decided to take on a BIG piece of furniture too. I just finished it and boy did it leave me not wanting to do another one, but now with this transformation....aiy- I may need to put something else to the test.

  25. Came over from Kim at Savvy Southern Style - My goodness WHAT a makeover! I love the finished product, it's fabulous :o)
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  26. Just found you on last weeks Wow us Wednesdays. That piece is truly amazing. I love how you finished it inside as well as outside. Great work. I am your newest follower.

  27. GO-JUS! Your hard work and creativity paid off ... this truly is beautiful. And, the inside is simply stunning! A masterpiece, indeed! *Becca*

  28. Love this transformation!! I have an armoire I need to redo as well. I've been struggling with paint type and was going to get chalk paint. I may have to try this paint out!

  29. All I can say is OMG!!
    What a fantastic make over and what a beauty you created!!
    Just gorgeous!!


  30. Wow! You transformed this into a stunning piece of furniture! Great job.

  31. Gorgeous gorgeous transformation!!! Love how this came out~ it is so wonderful!! Sharing this at the party tonight~ thanks for sharing at FNF!! :)

  32. I am in awe. That's an incredibly beautiful piece of furniture! Your glazing is perfect, and that die for! What amazing fabric!

  33. What a beautiful transformation! I love the armoire painted white and the fabric is fabulous. Thank you for joining my Open House party.

  34. that is SOOOOO beautiful! i absolutely love the interior! love it!

  35. Wow! It's absolutely gorgeous!! The fabric really adds a new dimension to the piece! Awesome job!

  36. I love this piece! I reminds me of the one on Beauty and the Beast:)

  37. WOW!!! That is beautiful. Do you use spray adhesive for the material on the inside?

  38. oh wow this piece is amazing i love it and the inside sooo good!

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