Thursday, June 2, 2011

Suzanne Kasler Inspiration

I love Suzanne Kasler's work! I was so excited when I saw she'd partnered up with Ballard Catalog. When I get mine in the mail it's like getting a letter from a long lost friend! Goofy, I know. That + a cup of hot coffee (shocker!) + curled up on the loveseat brainstorming new ideas = a happy me.

Seriously, her style is just impeccable. Of course, I'm sure you all already are aware of that, but I wanted to show you some (notice I didn't say "a few"?) of my favorites from her website. I love how she is able to cover the gammet in style - not stuck in one. She incorporates organic and earthy with formal and sophisticated to create rooms that are just seamless - pretty but not stuffy. The organic elements help keep it grounded. Remember, my favorite word in design is:

  "an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast" via

Here is what I like about each.

How gorgeous is that twiggy chandelier with the formal table and chairs?!

Colors, grasscloth wallpaper, chair style(s), modern mirror and antique sideboard.

White, bright, airy, architectural details and uncluttered.

One of my kitchen inspiration photos. Oodle's of architectural detail, white cabinets,
x's on glass door detail, dark island, dark floors...I love everything about this room!


Muted color palette & simple elegance.

Rustic architectural beams, fringed panels, soft neutral color palette & texture!

I'm in love with that fabric on the window, the stacked books, dark chevron floor, mix of old and new and light.
(For some crazy reason, though, that chair just looks out of proportion to me, but it's still a great room!)

Mural, panels w/ball fringe, architectural detailing, and dressmaker details on slipcovers.

One of my favorites. Love the pops of orange, seagrass, huge drum shade, and starfish detailing!

I'd move in at the drop of a hat...especially if I could bike everywhere!
Great X detailing (have you noticed I have a thing for that?)

Colors and awesome cabinetry (X's again).

I couldn't live here (too dark for me), but how cool is this study in texture
and juxtaposition of traditional elegance with rustic log cabin?!

Ditto. Great gold fedral mirror and sconces against log and chink
(that just got pulled from somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind)!

Color, beadboard, stripes, mod lamp shape, mirror tables, casual bedding, etc.

I'm just a southern girl who loves a great porch. 'Nough said!

One of my current inspirations for my dining room. I'm seriously considering this combo of color. It's so unusual and unexpected yet fun, relaxing and classy. I'm just dying to get some warm pink (this shade - not bubble gum) in my house somewhere!
Quick! Grab a tissue and wipe that drool off your face! Here. I think I have an, sorry.
I used them all myself!

Last but not least, I hit up my monthly fabric warehouse and was in the door as soon as they opened to rumage my rows of remnants! I seriously have a fabric issue. I get so excited when I get to go shopping for beautiful fabrics at a fraction of the retail price! My cart was piled high and I had to go back through and narrow it down to the ones that I know I'll use most likely within the next month. Here's three I loved:

I think I've turned a corner with this one. I have ALWAYS avoided any shade of purple like the plague for some unknown reason, but I loved this modern floral's PLUM color and stripe I found!

I've got a special project in mind for this chenille/brocade fabric. I'll give you two hints...
I got about 10 yards of it and you've seen the before picture!


  1. Wow lots of fabulous images this morning. I love that kitchen the details are simply stunning & that image with the the corner sofa with the funky beds with the pops of orange is definatley one for the scrapbook

  2. I absolutely love Suzanne Kasler's work (who doesn't?) and love it more and more each time I see it!

  3. Happy I stopped in ! Love your fabrics you picked out. Now I'm wondering what you are up to with the last piece. Not knowing your blog I would say recover a chair. but I would make seat covers out of it for my chairs.. so if you don't want it : ) I'll take it!! Stop by my blog sometime. New follower ! Jules ♥

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