Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gettin' Twiggy With it!

Corny, I know. Just couldn't help myself! I have fun with my post titles:)

You guys are just the best! I am so excited to be getting feedback from you all! Looks like we are narrowing it down. I think it's gonna be either B or D on the chandelier. I love both, but I'm leaning toward the twiggy one.

coral/twig chandelier
via http://blinkdecor.com
Add some spray painted branches?

Want to know why? Here's my reasoning:

B or "Twiggy" is out of the ordinary. I can't stand to have a house that is cookie cutter. I like to mix it up. Getting creative and using things in unexpected ways is what makes design stand out [to me]. I like designing a house where it's classy and elegant, but not stuffy. The way to pull that off (in my opinion) is to mix it up some. When you pull in organic textures with traditional it softens the feel. Or, if you pull in the unexpected it makes it exciting and sometimes whimsical. That's what gets people's attention and makes them stop and really take in their surroundings versus just blowing through and not thinking much about it. Now at the same time, I don't to create a space that screams "I'm trying really hard...look at me!". The goal is to create the space that really grabs people, but at the same time they aren't really sure why...they just like it and want to stay there. It's gotta be subtle - not in your face. There needs to be elements that stand out, but not too much. Nice fine line, isn't it!? When an interior (or exterior) really works for me, it is usually not really obvious why at first. It's one I need to study. The difference is I want to stay there and take the time to figure out why.

Let's consider the room that I'm working with here.

What it looked like before we moved in, painted, replaced flooring, hung draperies, and put bead board inserts into wainscoting panels (betcha hadn't noticed that from the pictures - don't think you can really see it in these shots).

Current state (when I'm not dismantling a chandelier and sewing on the table) with that hideous color
I spontaneously slapped on the walls!

It seemed to stay a lot neater prior to the love seat getting stuck in there! Guess that's because it wasn't used much:)

So, although option A is very nice and elegant, it's a little ordinary and kind-of boring. C was just for fun to see what you all would say. I don't think I could actually bring myself to put that up unless it was an original and given to me! In that case, you betcha! Can't you imagine all the conversation that would come out of it round dinner?

D is gorgeous and very elegant. The only reason I'm leaning away from it is I want something that is unexpected. This is a rather traditional dining room and you'd expect to find a chandelier like this in it...and it would be beautiful! I think it'll be my backup plan if the twiggy doesn't work out...
which is always a very real possibility.


via Ballard Designs

With the options narrowing down, I got on line and started hunting for all the twiggy chandelier images I could find (that I liked). The more I have to reference, the more likely I'll be able to pull this off. Here's some of the best I could find:

via Suzanne Kesler

via http://tartanscot.blogspot.com

via http://yelp.com/

twig chandelier
Why would you post a pic crooked like this?! Good image, though.
via http://vayzo.com/twig-chandelier

via http://ottawaathome.ca
Suzie:  Frank Roop. Here are the chairs again! ;)    Wood dining table, white faux bamboo ...
via http://decorpad.com
via http://bellacor.com
only $3,722.00!

via Deanna Wish Designs

So, as of now, I'm getting twiggy with it:) Boy, am I gonna get some looks from the hubby! But, he thought it was crazy to glue sticks to a mirror at first...until he saw it:) That's for another post, that I promise to put up one day soon.

p.s. While hunting for images, I stumbled across Neiman Marcus's Lighting page...who knew anyone went there for anything other than fashion?! Probably everyone but me, but regardless...talk about some gorgeous lighting options and ideas! Check it out for yourself at: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/templates/P6.jhtml?itemId=cat16990737&parentId=cat16990732&masterId=cat17640731&cmCat=&page=&view=


  1. I really love the whimsey of the twiggy look! Back when I was a young teen I wanted to LOOK like Twiggy -but that's another story! Anyway, I think it would be fun and your room is big enough to pull it off. Personally, I like the white painted ones better than the natural ones-they are just a tad more "refined" looking, I think. Have fun..and it will be great to see what you do! xo Diana

  2. Me personally, I LOVE the twig lighting. My vote is yes. I can't wait to see the "knock offs" that result from this post. There are some mightly creative women out there.

  3. Like I said before, B all the way! I agree, have something unexpected! I can't wait to see it in the space. Oh, and by the way, I don;t think the color on the wall is hideous! Debbie

  4. Soooo glad you might go with these! My first choice :) love them all! Now the trick is finding an affordable one :)


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