Friday, June 17, 2011

Dining Chandelier Vote

I'm fixating on my dining chandelier now. This is what always happens when I'm working on a project. I get it in my head, then I go through a fixation/brainstorming period, and lastly I make or recreate. It doesn't help that I sit there on the love seat every morning staring at that chandelier as I drink my coffee and have my quiet time.

So, this morning, I spontaneously (I do that a lot) climbed up on my dining table to see if I could get the globes off and guess what? They all came off and are now sitting in a dusty pile [on my dining table]. When I say dusty, that's an understatement. I've never attempted to get these off and wash them since we moved in. I've dusted, but couldn't get down inside them to remove the layer of wood dust from the new hardwood floors we put in, sanded down and stained. Have you ever put in new solid wood floors? The dust is incredible! I'm just glad we did it before we moved in. UGH!

The hubby walked in and looked at me like I was mad. Our exchange went something like this:

"Aren't you working on curtains right now...on that table?"

"Yes, but they're in our room right now."

"You need to focus on one thing!"

"Why? So far, it's worked out fine like this!"

(Rolled his eyes)
"I'm off to work."

He's such a good guy. I know I drive him batty because he's one of those "one-thing-at-a-time" guys. I'm his polar opposite when it comes to that:) Can't help it. I think I'm ADD. My brain is constantly spinning!

Truth be told, there are two parts to any project that I really enjoy: coming up with the ideas, shopping out the cheapest/best looking options, and third putting the finishing touches on that take it from a DIY project to a "WOW" project (O.k. Three parts. The first two kind-of go hand-in-hand.). The in-between tedious doing part is where I have to practice A TON of self-discipline and control to keep going and get to that last finishing stage.

Anyway, here's what it looks like now:)

Current Chandelier minus the glass globes (and two mismatched light bulbs?).

I've narrowed it down (I think!) to a couple of options for "restyling" this hunk of metal dangling from my dining room ceiling. I thought it would be fun to get your take on the options. It's fun interacting with ya'll and getting you're feedback.

I've decided to paint the whole thing while hanging (easiest) and then switch out the light sockets to allow for candlabra style lights. I'll just have to borrow a ladder from someone. The part I haven't decided on yet is what to do from there. Here's the options I've narrowed down to (for now, but you never know what will pop into my head!):

9-Arm Talia Chandelier
9 Arm Talia Chandelier
via Ballard Designs
This would be the easiest by far. Just paint it, switch the sockets to candelabra sockets and
add/or not add shades.


coral/twig chandelier
Add some spray painted branches?
I love this look. I might go with it just because I've wanted to have one for so long.
Just find some good twiggy branches out back in the woods and go to town with spray paint:)


via Marjorie Skouras
Add beads with arms out, kind-of like below

Genevieve 12-Light Chandelier

 via Ballard Designs

I'm not sure I could get look right with two layers of lighting. If it worked, it'd be quite the focal point. This would be the most work, but not that much harder. Just have to find some cheap, long strands of beads (that aren't cheap looking). Seriously, that might be the hardest part. I don't want something that looks like I raided a little girl's dress up kit!


via Ballard Designs
Add beaded garland like below to create a look similar to this:
 I thought of this when I saw a picture of the breakfast room in my sister's soon to be new house. It's glamorous but not too over the top for that room.

So, what is your favorite? Drop me a comment
telling me: A, B, C or D. I'm curious what you guys think!

Remember, I'm having to work with the form of the existing light fixture, so the chosen options have been picked accordingly. As the military says, I must "adapt and overcome" this obstacle! Nothing gets me going like a good challenge:)

O.k.I gotta quit brainstorming and finish some drapes. I'm in that boring stage of ironing 18 continuous, lined feet of fabric. I really need to get them installed today, but I'm thinking that won't happen until tomorrow. Wish me luck.  (I'm gonna need it...not in the sewing mood for some reason!).


  1. A and B...I think A because it is pretty and easy...and B because it is pretty and :) I cant wait to see you in action...Tell hubby to not come near you until you are done

  2. Idea, on the candelabra bulbs. They do make those style bulbs with the wider base, so you don't have to switch out the sockets. I had them in my bathroom, just look at a store that sells lots of varieties of light bulbs. Also you can get halogen candelabra bulbs, too.

    On which one is my favorite, I do like the "crystals" in moderation and the idea of painting the existing fixture a darker brown color to highlight the crystals. It gives it just a tad of sparkle and formality without overdoing it. I hesitate to do the little shades because it cuts down on your light, not that that is a problem during the day with your big window but at night, you might wish for more light. Just a thought.

    Have fun.

  3. the clear beaded version of C. Only one that I DO NOT like is the blue. Just sayin....:-)

  4. I really love A. It pretty, classic, and very stylish.

  5. Okay ... um, I say add sparkly bling !! Only because "I" like sparkly bling. (LOL) ANYthing you do will turn out fabulous ... can't wait to see !!


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