Saturday, June 4, 2011

Caldwell Flake Inspiration

At the risk of seeming like a copy-cat (I promise I don't mean to be)...I want to share a design firm that Holly at Things That Inspire showcased today, Caldwell Flake. I'm suffering from allergies/summer bug/headache something and I'm not up to writing much today. Even when feeling under the weather, I'm completely inspired now from checking out this group's website. Thank you, Holly! It's hard for me to find design groups that I love just about every single thing about, but this group to is just too good to not pass on. I've copied a bunch of pics from their site to share with you. I dare you not to be inspired to go grab a paintbrush, some gorgeous fabrics and accessories and turn a room upside down!

Oh, symmetry and juxtaposition (of rough wood and industrial/mod iron and polished traditional) I love thee!
Muted colors and use of natural wood tones. Sophisticated yet cozy.

Mercury balls and glamorous use of neutrals.

Talk about a fun room for a kid(s)!

Color, color, color!

Beautiful use of chartreuse.

Great interior shutters....looking a little low country!

Classy neutrals.

I want to just curl up in this bed with a good read right now.

This is a great use of color as an accent. I just love the way they use color!

Nice combination of farmhouse table and french chairs. Nice use of pattern on the window panels.

This room is just awesome! Very little color, but the amount there really counts. Fantastic use of pattern and texture.
Great balance of color and white...keeps it from being overpowering.
How great is this pop of turquoise with the neutral surroundings? Perfection!

Normally, I tend to shy away from black as I like light and bright, but I'm loving the great balance of black and white here with the trellis wallpapered/stenciled ceiling.

Good thing I'm "inspired", 'cause now I get to go do my mammoth bi-weekly grocery shopping trip sans kids. I'll just take myself to my "happy place" and dream about what I would like to do to my house while staring blankly at grocery shelves!


  1. Beautiful places-each one more beautiful than the next! xo Diana

  2. These are SO beautiful...I love the use of neutrals. These are definitely the images to save if you want to create a perfect neutral room. I LOVED this post!

  3. At least you got to go shopping without the kids. Can't say I've ever had that pleasure! :-)

    Love the pictures. There are some really pretty rooms. I too love the natural light but also like color where I can get it. I keep thinking one day I am going to have such a bright and sunny kitchen that I can paint the walls a cape cod blue with white trim or something similar. A color combo that will make me feel as if I was outside while preparing food for the family. We shall see.


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