Monday, June 13, 2011

How Not to Groom Your Dog!

The way Scottie is supposed to look after grooming:)

Like I've said before, I learned early on to do everything I can for myself in order to save money. One such thing is grooming Scottie Dog. Normally... I do a pretty good job, if I do say so myself (for someone with NO training in such matters). This time....not so much!

Here's a good rule of thumb if you're considering doing the same.

Now here is one really cheesy face.

Don't attempt grooming your pet if ANY of the following applies...especially if ALL apply (I'm just a gluten for punishment):

  1. You're sick!
  2. You're under the influence - that includes heavy antibiotics (my case)!
  3. You've got company coming shortly!
  4. You've got company coming shortly AND need to bathe both you and the dog/pet!
  5. You've got company coming shortly AND need to bathe both you and the dog/pet AND need to feed and dress the kids!
  6. You've got company coming shortly AND need to bathe both you and the dog/pet AND need to feed and dress the kids AND need to tidy the house all before 10:00 am!
    (Did I repeat that enough?)
  7. Don't start at 8:30 am thinking you'll get it done quick and all the before mentioned in 1.5 hours!
  8. It's nearly 100 degrees outside (grooming MUST be done outside)!
  9. Your clipper guard won't stay on the clipper and keeps popping off!
  10. You feel like attempting a different shorter "do"!
Breaking one of the above rules or all (my case) means you could end up with a pet looking like these poor creatures!

That's just WRONG!
A GROOMER did this!


It wasn't terrible but it's HOT here and he needs a little relief!

Poor thing! He was so ashamed he wouldn't even let me get a good picture after. This was the
best I could get.


Look at his back foot! The hair is shorter than the others?!

Nice racing stripes! You can't see the gap on the other side of his head!
(what's up with my son's one sock on and one off?!)
Normally, he's very proud afterwards and runs around like he's the hot ticket in town because he looks like this:

Granted, it could have been worse. One time the guard came off and he had a big gap in his side!

If there is one thing I've learned in life, it's to laugh at yourself...otherwise you'll cry:)


  1. I have never attempted to groom Bailey myself. I think your Scottie is quite handsome.

  2. Too funny! Scottie is quite handsome even if he is not happy with you right now!

    ~ Tracy

  3. Just happened to groom Button, my Scottie yesterday afternoon. Been doing it for 8 years now and learned from papers from the Internet. She was very shaggy this past winter with all the cold and snow we had. First time I let her grow out since being a pup. Just hate to trim her nails though. Always seem to get one too short and she has to stay in the breezeway until it quits bleeding. Truly enjoy doing the whole bit myself. Your Scottie is pretty too.

  4. Ohhh ohhhh.....
    As a momma to two scotties, I have given up going in for my haircuts and am trimming my own hair so that they can be pretty. You poor girl. Thank God hair grows out. You are spot on with describing the scots as being proud when they know they look good. Mine look like two Star Wars Wookies right now..but go in on Friday for their spa day. ha.


  5. He'd just be so proud to hear you all say he still is handsome:)

    I gotta say...I HATE clipping nails to the point I will pay to have that done! I clipped one too short when he was a pup and he won't hardly let me touch his feet now! It makes me (and him) so nervous, I just threw in the towel on that:) But, I do enjoy grooming him. Thank goodness hair grows and he's a forgiving little guy:)

  6. Absolutely too funny. I laughed so hard at the "other" pictures you posted. I think he looks fine, granted like you said he wouldn't let you get a good shot at the goof-up but still, it could be much worse. I may not cut my dog's hair but I do cut the three kids and a husband's hair. I am always warning the kids to sit still unless they want a bald spot! I'm afraid the hubby wouldn't be too forgiving if I skinned him! :-) YIKES!

    See you soon.

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