Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some Project Hints

I spent most of the day crawling around on the floor cutting out fabric for one of my furniture projects you're gonna love. It would have been done possibly tomorrow if I hadn't messed up and cut out two pieces going the wrong direction on my repeat! It was more of my remnant fabric and I'd spent forever trying to make sure I had it all positioned correctly. Guess I didn't go it long enough. Since I messed up, I'm now out of fabric and had to go on-line looking for more. Luckily I found it, and it's not pricey.

My fabrics are almost always my jumping off points. Here's a sneak peak:

Premier Prints Barber Pattern in Taupe and Robin's Egg Blue
It drives me crazy that colors don't show correctly on screen. The blue is a gorgeous blue that pops more than it appears here.

Imagine this paired with Martha Stewart's Metallic Paint in "Tidepool" (a gorgeous mid-intensity turquoise/robin's egg similar to the bow above), Sherwin Williams "Creamy", and a taupe glaze. There's your hints. Now, I'm gonna be mean and make you wait to see what I'm up to. You'd have seen it sooner if I didn't have to wait now on a fabric order to replace my perfect amount of cut-up remnant! Ugh! See, even us perfectionist make oodles of mistakes:)

I'll leave you with a new inspiration pic I took the other day. Notice the color blends in this clover! Luscious!
B.E. Interiors Photography

Miss Bee

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