Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Goodbye, Sweet Chandy!

Have you ever found a piece you REALLY didn't want to let go of? I have. This was my latest.

Meet Chandy:

I went in Goodwill one day and saw this sitting there for ...(Ready?)... SEVEN, that's $7.00!!!!! I couldn't get to it fast enough! I was even ready to yank it from someone else's hands if they dared pick it up before I got to it. It was in great shape, albeit a little dusty and dirty. I actually had a lady come up to me after I got it commenting on how she wished she'd seen it (don't even THINK about it!).

The funny part is, I can remember as a child going into a house my grandparents had just bought and it was full of these old metal tole chandeliers. I distinctly remember them or my mom commenting on how ugly they were and how those had to come out! Amazing what cycles around in fashion and style. Check out out these details:

Want to know why I grabbed it so fast? Check out these pics I have in my files:

Love this room!
Massucco Warner Miller Interiors via Decor Pad
LOVE this room as well!
Elizabeth Dinkel via Decor Pad

via Lonny Magazine

Margot Austin via Decor Pad

via Coastal Living

Anyway, I took Chandy home and cleaned her up. I gave her a new coat of "Heirloom White" spraypaint,  checked out the wiring (perfect condition) and did a photo shoot. Last week I sold Chandy to a great gal in Florida who actually wanted it so bad she had her sister meet us at the airport to get it and hold it for her! Thank you, Tracie:) I want to see pictures of Chandy in her new home. She would have looked gorgeous over my bed or in my closet!

Miss Bee

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  1. Oh, I would have had a hard time letting that go also.

  2. Miss Bee, what were you thinking?
    I would have hung it in my garage before I let it go!

  3. Aww..Miss B....so sad you sent that baby down the road. I hope it is not the "one that got away" for the rest of your life! xxoo Diana

  4. Chandy is a real beauty! And you are one strong girl to have let her go!

  5. Nice find, great makeover! I too would have found it hard to let it go.


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