Monday, May 9, 2011

Old Shelf Reveal

Remember the old Brady Bunch looking shelf I showed recently that was on my list of redos? She's now quite glamourous looking and ready to go out after her make-over.  Ta-dah!

Amazing what paint can do!
Let's revisit how she looked when I found her:

Did you notice that the middle and bottom shelf boards are too long?!
Now, this is by no means my most exciting make-over, but I desperately need shelves in my booth to display on and this was a piece that had the potential to look good from all sides. So, out of my laundry list of items, it came first by necessity. And, since I don't really care if it sells or not (it has a purpose) I thought it'd be fun to experiment on. I found this awesome steely blue sitting on the "Oops!" self at Lowe's and snagged it...$2 for a quart! I've tried to look up the color but can't find it. Must have been a custom match. Then I cut down the two awkward shelves (what was up with that?).

After priming with Zinsser Bin Spray Primer all over to seal the wood and stain in, out came the paint brushes. (Did I mention this was the piece that pushed the old carpel tunnel over the edge - making me take a forced break? Spindles are wicked things!) After a good thick coat of blue, this is what she was looking like:

Beautiful blue, but I wanted to play with it a bit.
Then came the fun part. I'd found the honey hole of decorative paints one day in the Habitat ReStore downtown and had this pot of Pearl metallic I was dying to play with. I think it cost me all of .$50!! I got out a chip brush and dry-brushed the pearl all over to come out with this:

Looking quite refined, wouldn't you say?
A little sealant later, I have a new piece ready to go. I love it. Everyone thinks it's silver until they get up and look at it. Then they realize it's actually white pearl over blue! I thought it would stand out better in a store full of antiques and dark wood (you know...gotta get them to my booth!) if it was light and bright versus the distressed black I'd contemplated.

Want to see it one more time? Of course you do:)

Original, paint, pearl dry brush.
I'm pretty happy with her.  I think she'll make a good addition to my little booth space. Heaven knows I need her! What do you think?

Miss Bee
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  1. Love the color! And it looks so modern now. Crazy how paint can transform things huh? It just takes people like us to see it!

    Great job!

  2. LOVIN THAT METALLIC! Just lovely :)!

  3. Thank you for sharing your awesome talent and ability and most importantly for sharing your faith in Christ.

  4. Wow! What a difference! Great job. Love the color.

    ~ Tracy

  5. Really like how it turned out. Love the color . I must try that . I have an old spool shelf if I can get to it I would like to paint.

  6. Love the transformation. Well done, it turned out great!

  7. Oh man! I opened your e-mail and saw the shelf I missed out on! Featured you on my blog:

    All the best!


  8. The pearl really makes it pop...I just found your it..


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