Thursday, May 5, 2011

Low Country Style

I want to live here!
Let me introduce you to an awesome architect firm in Beaufort, SC - just outside of Charleston. They are Frederick + Frederick Architects. Hubby works in the building industry so when we lived right outside of Charleston he came into contact with lots of great architect firms. I don't know if he ever went in this one, but I think I found them through others he did frequent. They have a great understanding of what true Low Country style is.

Now, I'm not a purist. True low country has a lot of wood walls on the inside and I'm not too keen on the darkness that gives. I like light, bright, and airy. The architecture, though, is just that. Houses in this true style are built to encourage cross-ventilation and good air flow in general. Big windows and doors, high ceilings, transoms, lots of fans and off the ground. If you've ever been to Charleston, you know why! It's HUMID and HOT in the summer. If you go visit and aren't used to it, it feels like you've arrived at the rain forest on the equator:) You do adjust to it, though.

This is one of their houses that I just love. The exterior is basically my dream home style - lots of big porches (screened and open), tons of windows and doors, metal roof, old brick and white mortar. The property IS my dream location with the marsh, the huge old oaks and Spanish moss (sigh!). It's called the Hood Residence.

I love this little courtyard and that monstrous screened porch.

How awesome is this porch? I'd be out here all the time. We'd never eat inside! I'd want my ceiling painted the traditional pale aqua blue.  See below for more info on this. Kind-of neat:)

I'm just guessing, but that color looks a lot like Fowler Pink by Farrow & Ball.
A good friend just painted with it and it's catching my eye.

I don't mind the wood so much here with all the natural light. When you live down here,
you do realize a room like this is a nice retreat from the summer sun and heat.

I have a thing for these old trees. I'd love to have one on my property.

Perfect place for a low-country boil and hanging out with friends. I love this space!
Alright. I've gotten my "fix" for today of low country life. Here's one more little tidbit you might find interesting. Remember above me commenting on how I like the traditional sky/aqua blue porch ceilings? How they came about is worth reading:

The African American language spoken in the "low country" of coastal South Carolina is called "gullah". "Haint" was explained as "haunt" or spirit -- and the story went that porch ceilings and wide overhangs on the exteriors of homes were painted a sky blue so that "haints", "haunts" or spirits would think they were the sky and pass right on through. This kept spirits from haunting or lingering around the home. There is no official "haint blue" color. The intent was to fool the spirits. via Mizblueprint

I've also heard it rumored that the color helps to keep insects and spiders away. Who knows?! Fun to tell regardless. Have a great day!

Miss Bee


  1. Just gorgeous! Those photos were so inspiring and I love thinking about how to incorporate some of that sensibility into my own home...except for the ghost part of course! LOL!
    P.S. Hope we see you at our party tonight! :-)

  2. When can we move in ?! Love it !! Thanks for sharing !!

  3. I love that style home, too and love Charleston! I would move there in a minute.

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