Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Angels!

Three of the best things that ever happened to me!

Lest you think that just because I believe in angels, I'm raising them...let me just set you straight. Want to know why it can take a while for a project to get done around here these days? Why I laugh instead of the alternative...cry??! Why I just fall into the bed at night or forget spell check after my nightly posts?

I love my boys and wouldn't trade them for the world. But... my little guy could try the patience of a saint! He's really well behaved - don't get me wrong, but talk about curious and mischievous! Gads! He's Dennis the Menace in living flesh with red hair. I sure hope he's got nine lives!

Let me just show you what I found this morning after I got out of the shower. I couldn't help but laugh....because every time I get out I wonder what I'll find.

Every long crystal had been methodically pulled off my dressing table lamps...

and laid neatly in a line for me on the table!
This is just his most recent episode. Yesterday, he loudly announced to everyone in the doctor's office (not the pediatrician so these weren't all parents!), "I just POOTED!" I nearly died. I stared in disbelief at the alien sitting next to me grinning ear to ear...reveling in his brother's raucous laughter and all the giggles behind magazines! UGH!

Oh, and he didn't stop there. In the office, the assistant sticks her head in the door, "You called?" He grins and says " No...the little redhead behind the chair did!". What?! I then realized he was stepping on the little floor bell over and over again loving the noise it made. I went home with a headache.

Last spring on the way home from an outing, he was so quiet I just assumed he was asleep...especially since his brothers were both in the car with him and would let know if he was up to something. WRONG! This is what I saw when I opened the door to get him out:

"What did I do, Mom?"
That would be my last remaining tube of lipstick he'd left unscathed...Clinique. Not the cheap stuff like normal.

Then within a day or so, I got out of the shower to find a sugar trail leading from my bedroom door to the kitchen and this at the end of it:

Yes, he was eating out of the sugar bowl with a spoon! UGh!
He really can be sweet though.

"Hey, beautiful! Want to check out my ride?"

"Why sure! I thought you'd never ask."

Every night he says to me as I'm tucking him in bed, "You're the best mommy EVER!" and I can't help but forget all my frustrations. I think he's got a perfect little halo sitting over that red mop:)


  1. Oh- I had one just like that! He turned out to be a great guy~ And still makes everybody laugh ALL THE TIME. I still do posts about the things he does. Your little guy is a riot. One day you will look back at these things and laugh till you cry. They make great wedding reception show-and-tell pictures- trust me- xo Diana

  2. Ooh! I can't wait to pull them out to show his future Mrs!


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