Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Master Bedroom Addition

Goodbye trunk....Hello bench!
 How do you like my newest thrift store find? See that bench? Yes... this one:

I found it brand new, still in the box unopened for an unbelievable price! I got it for the booth, but when I opened it all the way up and saw the colors of the fabric, I decided it was staying home with me. I 've wanted a bench at the foot of the bed for quite a while and it fits just perfect. So, the trunk moved locations and the bench took it's spot.

I also put my old painting of the Pineapple Fountain at Battery Park, Charleston, SC back up over the bed. I bought it shortly after Hubby proposed to me there over 12 years ago! Where does the time go? I had it over the bed for years, then relocated it, but decided it just belongs in that spot. It's still one of my favorite places...and was even before he proposed. Isn't it just gorgeous?

Appears I'm a little lopsided today!

via askmissa.com

Pineapple fountain, Waterfront Park, Charleston SC
via panoramio.com
There you go. A quickie for today. Got a lot to do this week so you can have some good reveals in the near future. Audios, amigos!


  1. you have such a beautiful room it looks so relaxing and grand. really good thrift find. gorgeous xx

  2. Love the bench. I too would like to have one at the foot of my bed, since the type of mattress we have doesn't lend itself to be "sat on on the edge". Haven't managed to figure out a way to arrange the furniture to where I have enough floor space for one, yet. Maybe one day. Yours looks great though. :-)


  3. LOVE! Makes me want to take a nap :) The bench is fab!

  4. Great looking bench! What a find..and I love the colors! Nice picture too...sometimes things just "belong" in a certain spot, don't they? xo Diana


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