Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Inspiration Monday #2

I'm embarrassed to say I completely forgot to do my inspiration take off last Monday on Pinterest! As I sit here typing tonight, my eyes are crossing from exhaustion. I had one of those "Ground Hog" days. You know, the one where you keep getting everything wrong or stuff keeps happening until you start to wonder if you should just go back to bed and when you wake up it'll all start fresh?! Ugh! Seriously, it was beyond comical by the time I realized there were TWO soccer games, not one this evening. I finally put on the brakes, packed the two older ones off to games with Daddy and let Little Guy finish his nap as I cooked supper. I never miss a game, but today was about to send me over the edge, so when he suggested I stay home I jumped on it:)

Anyhoo, ready for some inspirational brainstorming from one of my pics? I took this a few years ago at Kiawah Island off Charleston, SC. We had one of those rare beach days where starfish were all over in tidal pools! Running from pool to pool with buckets, the boys and I made memories we'll never forget.

So, here it is:
"Kiawah Starfish 1"
B.E. Interiors Photography
Sorry, guys. I'm still in summer mode and never leave it willingly!
When I look at this picture, calm neutrals, easy but sturdy fabrics and taking it easy come to mind. So, I took that and ran with it...creating a family/living room off these colors and textures. To see the board, go to http://pinterest.com/belgin/inspiration-2/ . I'm not even going to copy and paste tonight. I have to get up and actually get dressed to take the kids to school as I have a conference at 7:25 am. Oh, the horror! Yes, I actually drop the kids off dressed in either my PJs or workout clothes! All the people who know me from the gym don't even recognize me with make-up and my hair done. Sad...no... pathetic! Better get the coffee set to brew!

Hope you enjoy the board. Take it and run with it. Make it your own or let it get your brain wheeling. See where your creativity takes you with this picture as your starting point.


  1. So inspiring! I like how you think of all the different components of a beautiful room, and incorporate so many textures and finishes. I loved your clover inspired board, and this one is so pretty as well.Thanks for sharing these.

  2. I went over and viewed it-Very lovely. Don't worry we ALL have days like Groundhog Day...some of us more than others! How did the conferences go? xo Diana

  3. Thank you for letting me know! I've wondered if this was something people like. Getting feedback is fantastic. Thanks again, and glad you liked it! I know I have fun making them:)


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