Friday, September 23, 2011

Finished Armoire & Furniture Refurbishing: Part II

Well, after a week, here’s Part II! Like I’ve said before, my top priority is my family, then blogging/business. One thing I’m finding out is that keeping with all three this time of year is tough. Talk about a busy time! Even thought we try to limit activities so as to not always be rushed, it still seems like all we do is run from point A to point B.

O.k. enough whining. Ready to see the finished Armoire?

Let's see the before one more time:

Lovely, wasn't it?!

The Ugly Duckling had become a Swan!

I have to say, I loved this finish! Believe it or not, this was probably one of the easiest I've done.

Chalk paint just rocks! That's all there is to it.

I wasn't sure what that old decal would look like if I just left it, but the relief is so pretty. Wouldn't a monogram in gray look pretty in it? I may offer that as an extra service when I sell it. It'll be interesting to see if anyone takes me up on it.

See how I added the trim piece at the bottom to cover the rippling, loose veneer? The casters are just on for ease of moving and can be removed after it gets to the booth.

I even made sure to preserve and seal the old manufacturer label on the back. I can't believe it was still on there and in one piece!

Bet you wondered which fabric I went with, didn't you!

I was momentarily tempted to go more beachy with the fresher-more colorful fabric,
but this was just seemed more appropriate for the piece (more neutral).

See that center back panel? The fact it was off-center drove me batty! I even contemplated adding trim to make it more symmetrical! See, being a perfectionist can sometimes drive me nuts!

Even the drawers are lined.

Furniture Refurbishing: Part II

With Part I, I walked you through the process of coming up with a design. I’ll pick up where I left off, which is bringing that “idea” to fruition.

Once I have my colors and formulations picked out, I then set about analyzing how I’m going to apply the idea:

  1. Before I can start, I have to decide if the piece needs to be stripped or not. If I’m going for a distressed, painted look and it’s in overall good shape, then I can skip this step. If I am staining or want smooth, clean lines then it will be stripped to the bone.

  1. Once stripping is either skipped or done, it’s sanding time – lightly for no stripping to increase adhesion or heavy if a smooth finish is desire or marks have to be removed.

  1. Now I’m ready to apply one of three things: primer, chalk paint or wood conditioner for stain.

  1. Next, it’s time to apply either paint, decorative finish/second layer of paint or stain…depending on if primer, chalk paint base coat or wood conditioner was used (in order following step two).

  1. Again, sand – only this time with a very fine steel wool or high grit paper if achieving a smooth finish or staining, and very rough for distressed pieces.

  1. At this point, it becomes a layering game to get the desired finish-repeating steps 4 and 5 until satisfied.

  1. Once I’ve gotten the finish I desire, I topcoat with either wax or poly. I NEVER skip this step…even if I’m after a very distressed look. There’s too great a chance that kiddo’s or everyday life can mar it and take distressing too far!

  1. Finally it’s time to apply the fabric and topcoat with Mod Podge.

I’m not a crank-out-as-many- pieces- as-I-can kind of girl, but I try to move quickly. How quickly a piece is finished is determined by a couple of things:
    • Did the redo process go as planned? (rarely!)
    • Is it sports season or summer break (during these two or three times of year, it’s about all I can do to get a shower)?
    • Is my booth full or do I have room to put more in?
    • Am I working on interior projects within my own home simultaneously?
    • Do I have custom work orders (those take precedence)?
    • Are the kids all healthy?

Any one or all of the above can mean I take longer than anticipated on a project. It’s just a reality and my family comes first. Sometimes I fight frustration with how long it takes to get something completed, but then I have to remember why. This is such a short part of my life (raising children) and I don’t want to get so sucked up in the rat race that I forget to stop and enjoy every little momentJ. 


  1. You did a great job! How gorgeous is that!

  2. Thank you! It's one of those pieces that I felt really good about when I stepped back and realized it was done:)

  3. i love it, i have a soft spot for armoires. its gorgeous xxx

  4. So pretty! I love ASCP! Found you via Common Ground. Toodles, Kathryn

  5. Seeing the picture of this armoire reminded me that we used to have one that we'd got from my dear wonder what happened to it? I forgot all about it. Must have got rid of it before we moved here. Maybe we took it to an auction and sold it. Will have to ask DH when he gets up. We gave away a lot of stuff when we knew we were moving to a smaller house. Wouldn't have had any room for it in this house anyway, so why worry about what happened to it? Thanks for sharing your pictures with your readers.

  6. Oh, that is so lovely! I love the fabric - I don't think you need a brighter fabric to make it pop. It does pop! And I really need to check out the chalk paint.

    I also wanted you to know I featured your nursery/guest room on Tuesday's Nursery this week. Thank you for linking up, I hope you keep creating kids decor! Here is where to get your "featured" button:

    Have a great week....better than it's been going!

  7. It's beautiful! Love the finish and the fabric in the inside. I need to hop on chalk paint at some point!

  8. I love the finish and that fabric. I am glad you put your family first! Thanks for joining the party.

  9. ummm can I have this piece?! And I need you to come visit your sister in law and help her finish up her bedroom makeover...which is still in stand still mode! lol Miss you!

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  11. I have one that may be identical to this, not in that good condition. I cant make out the label. Would you happen to know how old this piece is?

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