Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Twiggy Chandelier Follow-up and a Secret

Can I just tell you guys how awesome ya'll are?! Amazing that God would give me such fantastic! Of all the people in blog land. God was gracious enough to direct our paths so that I am able to communicate with such fantastic, like minded people. Boy, am I blessed!

My "Twiggy" chandelier.

The compliments on "Twiggy" have just been overwhelming... in a good way! Today I went out and found a cheap brass chandelier like I bet oodles of you have hanging in your house. Ever seen one of these?

Old Ugly!
Never...right? (extreme sarcasm!) I bet those kind folks at Goodwill thought I was less than hip to snatch up a dated brass $6 chandelier like it was a treasure. (Then again, they know be name and know I'm always they probably thought nothing of it!). It IS awful right now. But when I get done with it, it's gonna be a beaut! If you can find one that is open in the center like my dining room "before", it might actually be easier. I'll way in on that when I'm done with this one.
My dining chandelier "Before" without the globes. See how it's open in the center?
I have a thing for lighting. Have you noticed? Something about the tons of possibilities that could hang from the ceiling just gets me all giddy. The old brain just races with ideas!

Deanna Wish Design
Check out this sight for lots of awesome versions to study!
The tutorial is nearly complete. I'm recreating the chandy this time with my cheapo one that more of you are likely to have. I'm also spray painting this one...just for fun. The concept is the same regardless. So, in preparation for the finished tutorial, here's a materials list for you to go ahead and get together:

1. a cheap chandelier (see above - that ugly gold thing)
2. 1or two grape vine wreaths - depends on size of your chandy. If it's small, one will suffice - check thrift stores - I found two for $1 each! People toss them all the time.

3. LOTS of crepe myrtle twigs - the CURLED ones found laying on the ground under trees. (see..told you it was easier than you thought!)

4. Pair of pruning snips

5. Black or bronze wire - wood working or floral sections of craft stores.

6. Pair of need-nose wire cutter pliers
7. Hot-glue gun (possibly optional...depends on how permanent you want this to be!)

8. Spray paint (optional)
9. Crystal garland - one 6ft section if small chandy or two 6ft sections if large.

10. Candelabra bulbs to fit existing sockets

You can get these same bulbs in regular...not flicker.
Silicon dipped Accent Bulbs
You can make these silicone dipped bulbs yourself,
but I don't know what the max wattage bulb is you should use. Try Googling it for more info.
11. Long straight sticks about .25" - .5" in diameter or slightly thicker - enough to surround the center of the chandy. Not a ton of them.

There. Be prepared. This is a messy job (we're dealing with sticks here, folks!), but it sure does make you feel good when you look at the finished product! Wow! Now, go start looking for a cheap or existing chandelier in need of a makeover and a place to hang a big conversation piece:)


  1. I am soooo going to do this! Absolutely IN LOVE with the twig chandy. Where did you find crystal garland that doesn't look cheap and fake?

  2. So that's how you did it. I know it was time consuming and messy. I am used to messy. I wish I had a place to hang my old chandy so I could try this.

  3. I never thought of the wreaths...I assumed you used all collected twigs. I'm so excited to try this! One of the best DIY projects I've ever seen!

  4. You're right, I have one of those brass chandeliers hanging in the breakfast room of my house in AL. Unfortunately, I am not there to do anything with it right now. However, if we hang onto that house, that might be a spruce up I could try. It could certainly use something and it would be better than buying a new one. Surely no one would argue with that. :-)


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