Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hey, Ya'll...Look what I found!

Oh, man, did I hit the jackpot yesterday and today! I made my thrift store rounds (with three sweaty boys in tow) and then this morning I was up early out yard sailing. There is something so relaxing about getting up early before everyone wakes (and back home before they're up at times!), having my morning quite time and coffee, throwing on some gym shorts, t-shirt, flip flops, and a visor then heading out to "treasure hunt" ALONE! Makes my week...especially when I hit the mother load like I did this weekend.

My prized antique French mother-of-pearl opera glasses.
These wonderful opera glasses were a wonderful surprise when I pryed open the door on the French Provencial sideboard redo that I shared with you here. I nearly choked I was so excited and I've hung on to them not sure if I could sell or not. I've got them in the pile to go to the store, but still am not sure they'll make it into the booth:)

Wonderful 12" deep dresser.
The great thing about this dresser is the dimensions - 37.25" x 36" x 12" deep! It's handmade (I think) and I'm going to paint it...probably replacing the handles. I could think of a million places a good shallow dresser like this could go!

I loved the simplicity of this pedestal cake plate and cloche. There is actually a faint hint of gold inside the round top of the pedestal where it connects with the plate. Very pretty!

I am very tempted to keep this gorgeous crystal and silver shaker set made in England. They are so elegant and classy! 

This stainless holder is showing some age, but it was just so pretty with the cut glass decanter and little hanging fork...for pickles or such?

Leave it to me to pair an old (clean, mind you) oil can with a Bible! This Bible is lovingly inscribed from 1942 and well worn. Something about handwritten inscriptions make a book, espeically a Bible, even more exciting to find. Makes you wonder about the person who obviously spent a lot of time with this precious book.

I LOVE these plates!
 I still continue to be amazed at what people just toss out. To me, it's a sad commentary to our times, but I am more than willing to capitalize on what others don't want:) This set of plates was just too beautiful to take one picture of so I took one of each to share with you.

I found two sets of these silver candelabras. I just showed two here with the shakers for a pretty vignette. Lots of silver was out this weekend!

Huge scallop shells!
 Would you believe I found eight of these huge scallop shells just in a Ziploc bag? I can think of a bunch of fun projects to use these on!

A set of pretty buffet lamps were just waiting on me at the thrift store. Sold!
This mirror is ancient!

 I wish I knew the story with this mirror I found at one of the local thrift stores. It's incredibly old, gold leafed, and heavy as lead! It was sitting behind the counter and I just caught a glimpse of it. Enough to make me ask to see it and plunk down some change. Incredible! It's missing a top pediment, but it's still gorgeous...just makes it seem prettier to me.

This was another large mirror I found as I was hitting my last yard sale.

Last, but not least I found a tiny little thrift store I didn't even know existed, walked into the very dark back room and found this! After a little haggling, we came to a really good price and I wheeled it out where I could be sure I wasn't being "hoo-dooed". True to her word, it was in good shape a should be a quick redo. I've placed an order for some of this ever so famous chalk paint and can't wait for it to get here. This is the perfect job to try it on.

What a great day! God is just so good. I so don't deserve to find these kind of treasures, much less be able to have a little booth where I'm able to sell them! It's amazing how when you're willing to do what He asks, how He blesses. This is one of those endeavors that could so easily crash and burn, but after much prayer, I knew it was were He was leading ...for now. And I'm having a ball. Wonder what he's got in store for me next...or better yet...what he has in store for you? Are you willing to go out on a limb if He asks you to? Do you trust him enough to take a chance with the unknown? If so, you'll be truly blessed...simply for taking the leap of faith, regardless of whether your endeavor succeeds by the world's terms.


  1. Nice post esp the last paragraph. You sure did score this weekend. Isn't it nice that the simple things make us so happy? Isn't that what it's really all about? Can't wait to see what you do with that chalk paint.

  2. Bee.

    What a great weekend of amazing finds!! So exciting to come across so much in one day!!


    Art by Karena

  3. You found some fantastic pieces. You will love the chalk paint. I wish I could find deals like those in a thrift store. I will keep trying. I went in a new one to me last week and all it was was junk.

  4. your last paragraph is so true...glad you found these wonderful items....God is good!!

  5. You scored big time. I love everything you found. I love to put bath salts in things like the cut glass canister you found. I too can't wait to see what you do with the chalk paint. I know it will be amazing.


  6. You found some grest stuff! I think that oil can is a water mister, popular in the 60's/70's for misting your plants, like ferns.

    Blogless Peggy,

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