Monday, August 1, 2011

Back from Vacation

I'm baaaccckkkk! Oh, come on. You know you missed me :)

I couldn't resist a shot of my favorite spot this week!

They had a ball!

What a great vacation! I got to spend the entire week with the hubby and kids doing nothing but playing. Could one ask for anything better? I didn't even use the camera much except to take pictures of us playing, the water, and sunsets.
The view of the pier was like a painting each night. I missed some of the best sunsets when we
accidentally took off for a walk with no camera!

Gorgeous turquoise water on the last day after the storm churning had passed.

I was mesmerized by how the sun played off the water in the evenings. I know passerbys wondered
why in the world I was taking so many shots of the sand!

This was a really bizarre jelly fish that washed up with the surf. It was BLUE!

I couldn't resist taking a couple of this adorable older couple taking in the sunset. They were so precious!

We went to the Gulf of Mexico. Gorgeous turquoise water, white sand, beautiful sunsets and some big waves thanks to a storm heading from Cuba headed to Texas (thankfully not to us). The waves also brought in lots of big shells and made for a shell hunting fiesta our last day there.

My oldest was not in the mood to stop for a picture here. Can you tell?

Finding sea shells.

lots of ice cream was consumed...

sand sculptures and castles were made...

waves were ridden on boogie boards...

boogie boards were ridden like skim boards...
ghost crabs were hunted down and captured (and let go unharmed later)...

and big storm waves were taken full advantage of.

The view from our balcony was gorgeous. That was one awesome pool!

The beauty around us was just amazing and I feel completely rested up and refreshed...something we all desperately needed.

Sleepy boys on the long ride home:)

p.s. I also discovered three of my posts (orange, blue and purple series) never published last week for some reason! So, enjoy catching up with the rest of what was scheduled:) Sorry you didn't have anything to read for several days. It wasn't planned that way!

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