Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Keeping Twiggy Dust Free

I'm laughing at one the comments on Twiggy right now! It's one the hubby asked and I've contemplated, but kind-of didn't really care what the answer was...'cause I had a challenge to tackle.

"How do dust this thing and keep it clean?!"

Hmmmm....... I could burn it when it gets too dusty? How about this:

Electric or Aerosol dusters!
I just figure I'll get one of the kids little toy fans that actually has some kick and blow it off occasionally. If it gets too dusty, I'll just pull this out:

 Just KIDDING! But seriously, got any better ideas?! If so, please share.

Keep your eyes open. I've got another post for today that I just couldn't get the last photo shot in with available light, so I've got to wait until morning. Then I'll post it. Two in almost one day! Boy, ya'll are lucky (wink, wink)!


  1. it does look fabulous but yes how on earth would you dust it

  2. What's a little dust... it won't bother anybody! but the little blower thingy is a great idea...


  3. The canned air (for computers) would work, but why not just set your hair dryer on cool & blast off the dust?

  4. Even if it gets really dusty, it's totally worth it. I LOVE this chandelier so much (as I think I've told you A LOT!!!)

  5. OMG@! Dancy, you're a genius! Or I'm just incredibly stupid one:) Hair dryer! Guess that never crossed my mind because I rarely use one. I'm in full blown Mommy mode most days (ie. just getting a shower is nice!). So glad you mentioned that. The hubby says thanks a million!


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