Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Herlong & Associates: Part Two

This is one of the things I love about the low country...the salt marshes.

As promised, I'm sharing some more of this awesome firm in Charleston, SC. Here's some exteriors of their work. It pays to hire a great photographer because what was already fantastic is just simply beyond words with the right lighting!

These porches are just fantastic!

Loving the low country detailing on this house with exposed rafters and tin roof.
This is about as Downtown Charlestonian as you can get without being there. Perfection!

See what a good photographer (who's also is knowledgeable in Photoshop) can do?
I love the look of shingled siding as well. It might be a toss up with the brick for my dream home.
More shingled siding.

Now, here's a few more pictures of interiors. Most belong to the houses above. See if you can guess which goes with which! To check is you're right and to see what the houses look like that don't have matches, click Herlong & Associates to see it all. They also have a plans page. (Ummmm....thinking I'm going to be perusing that asap.)

I want that table!

Hope you enjoyed getting to meet Herlong & Associates. I'll be hunting for another great place to share in the future, but tomorrow it's a reveal for you!


  1. Just absolutely stunning. My husband, family will be visiting So. Carolina the week of 8/15 and my husband wanted to go visit Charleston, so I am doubly excited now.

  2. These are just phenomenal! Gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing!


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