Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What kind of reader are you?

I'm curious...what kind of reader are you? Are you a true "reader" that likes to actually read the words on a blog/book, or do you "look-at-the-pictures-and-maybe-read-the-words-if-there-aren't-too-many"
(how's that for a long name:)? Let's take a poll. Leave a comment telling me which you are, if you can
find a spare minute.

I love to read, but I have found that with kids and etc. constantly interrupting my train of thought, I tend to skip the words and just look at the pictures when blog hopping if they (kids) are all up. Now if they're asleep/at school/wherever, I love to get caught up on all the good tips and tricks out there you guys post about. If not, then I look at the pictures, stash it for later and come back to read when I can think straight.

That in mind, today's post is going to be mainly pictures. I love spring time! I also love photography. I have a dream of designing wallpaper & fabric. That's one of the dreams that I have just been putting on hold until the kids get a little older. My youngest is 2 and if you have or ever had a two year old you know what I mean! They and my hubby are top priority. We're getting there, though. My two older boys are now at the age I could start my business so all in good time:)

I digress. I am constantly taking pictures that inspire me with design ideas to stash in my file. Some I take for the beauty of the composition, some for the pattern or design I see, and some for the color. My favorite season is spring because of the light and color everywhere. I LOVE color! People are more affected by it than they realize. Some are aware of it, some not.  I am profoundly so. Many hours were spent sleepless in college and grad school studing color (sometimes by osmosis!) - how to print it accurately, advertising's subliminal use of it, the psychology of it, temperature of it, etc. My whole mood changes with color.
How about you?

Looking out my dining room window early one morning!  Glorious!

One of my favorite flowers/trees - the Magnolia. True symbol of the south.

Have you ever looked close at stuff - really close?

Details - form, pattern, texture!

Look at the texture and pattern. How often you take the time to look at the everyday things of beauty?

Color and texture - dew on a sign.

Again, dew. Love the way light is reflecting off the dandelion!

Sun through a water droplet on a bench.

Detail! Texture!

Another southern sight - azaleas. Awesome color!

Color and light on my irises.

A weed is even beautiful!

Gorgeous cherry blossoms - color!

Even moss on a little damn at the pond is beautiful with texture and color.

Lastly, one of my favorites - Bradford Pear blossoms. I love green and white!
 Now, back to my original question. I put the text at the top for a reason. I want to test you. Did you read it first or skip straight to the pictures? If you're visual, like me, you went straight for the eye candy and then went back to read about them. Let me know which you did. It helps to make me a better blogger if I
know what my readers like.

I also hope one or all of my pictures get you excited and inspired somehow. It's spring! Time to throw open doors and window (if you're not allergic to pollen, that is), clean out, throw a fresh coat of paint on things and get creative! Tomorrow I'm showing you a project I love that is super easy and almost free.
Get ready for my first tutorial:)

Miss Bee

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  1. Miss bee, Your photos are stunning. Absolutely perfect. I love, love, love the cherry blossom one with the blue sky background. As a blog hopper myself I read when time will allow, but my eyes are always drawn to a pretty photo. I did read your text first and stayed with it, because it held my interest. I am so easily strayed. I noticed your desire to design fabric. If you haven't yet, check out


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