Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's official!

Well, it's official. I've slipped off the deep end to never return! Remember yesterday my "sign" to hang on the door? Remember me saying that I was eyeballing something? I went back to get it this morning, and dang it if it wasn't gone as soon as the doors opened! So, I stood there fussing at myself for "snoozing and loosing" instead of going with my gut... and while I was doing this they unloaded a new piece.

Have you ever seen something that just caught your eye with it's lines and curves? That's what this piece did. There was just one small catch....it REEKED! I'm not exaggerating. It was BAD! I almost walked out, too chicken to take it on. But, after having missed the piece I went for, I was up for a gamble and jumped in head-first. Apparently, it came out a storage unit next to one that had burned. So everything coming in had been exposed to smoke & soot, then marinated all night in the truck to be unloaded this morning! Nice. Funny thing was, there was also a dresser I liked, but when I opened the top drawer, it nearly knocked me on my knees. I actually let out an audible "OH, MY GOODNESS!" before I thought twice, and got a few looks:). I just wasn't that willing to gamble. This piece wasn't quite as bad.

Here's the deal. There's one thing I have been told all my life: never buy ANYTHING that's been exposed to cigarette smoke unless you like the smell (seriously?)! Ask just about anyone. The odds are not good you'll ever get rid of it. But I wasn't so sure about fire smoke. Here's my thinking: "If there are restoration crews who can come into a house with smoke damage and make it like it never happened, there has to be a way. I know there are primers out there that would seal it. It's not nicotine smoke. Should I? It's the exact same amount I was going to spend anyway. Oh, why not?! Scared money never made money!" and then, "He's (hubby) going to kill me for putting this in our garage!"

So, I marched to the counter before this other lady checking it out could get there and slapped me a sold sticker on it. Of course, the sales lady asked me how in the world was I going to get rid of the smell? I just grinned and said, "Who knows?! I may regret buying it, but I'm gonna give it a try!" at that point she chalked me up as "CRAZY" and said, "I hope you don't get blown out for bringing that thing home." (My thoughts exactly!). I like to live on the edge (wink, wink).

Want to see it in all it's glory? Yeah, I bet you do.

If you don't like smoke, don't even look.
I swear the smell will come through your screen!

Once again, I'm lopsided. Oh, well. Pretty good considering how much smoke I'd inhaled!
Can't you just see her all cleaned up? She needs some serious TLC, but the only piece I know I'll have to replace is the bottom panel missing on the right. It was there, but warped, so I'll cut a new one with my newest toy...my jigsaw:)

I LOVE this thing!
There was some serious sawdust flying here as I tried it out on new seat bottoms:)

On a side note: Why do men look at you like you're from Mars when they see you looking at power tools? Especially if you speak to them and tell them you actually have some clue as to what you're doing (not that I really do!)? That happened yesterday when I was picking out my Porter Cable Jigsaw. Go figure!

Miss Bee


  1. Gorgeous! You're lucky I have a cold and can't smell. Although the old box couch I bought recently from the auctions might smell similar.
    Can't wait to see what you do with it! :)

  2. Love that armoire!

    I HATE that when salespeople at the tool dept. don't take you serious. When I bought my first circular saw, I would ask a question and the salesperson would answer to Pretty Handsome Guy. Finally, dh said, "I'm not the one buying it! She is!"

    Congrats on your jigsaw. Do you love it???? BTW, my circular saw is a Porter Cable too, it has a smaller grip than the other ones (perfect for a woman's hand.)


  3. Totally awesome. I do hope you can make a work of wonder out of it. If anyone can, you can. I've seen you do absolutely amazing things. Who knows, you might make an invention out there. How to get rid of smoke smell in furniture. :-) Be sure and post pics when you are done!


    PS Thanks for figuring out how to allow "anonymous" comments so I don't have to set up a google account. HA!

  4. I was in Lowe's the other day asking about a nail gun. The older gentleman kept telling me that this one was the one all the men liked...uh..kept thinking that I needed to ask him if he had anything in pink?? sigh...good luck with your gorg purchase!

  5. Love the blog! When I come up for air from this last China trip, I'm going to come back and get all caught up on your posts. Good luck with your new business! I know you'll be successful!

  6. This is a great piece! So very nice to meet you :)!

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