Monday, April 18, 2011

Instead of a wreath...

I think I'll hang this on my garage entry door for my hubby to see when he comes home tomorrow:

Whadda ya think? I'm thinking that's what will cross his mind when he sees what I'm eyeballing to redo now!

'Fraid I didn't get much done with decor today. I deep cleaned (cue the Hallelujah Chorus!), planted most of my veggie garden, set out my herb garden still in pots, took some pictures of my house to post (of the deep cleaned rooms...since it's a semi-annual event, I figured it was a good time) and got a piece of plywood cut down for new chair seats to upholster! Whew! I'm pooped from just thinking about it all! So, as a pick me up (and for you, too), here's a little inspiration pic from my files:)

Not sure why it's showing up so grainy...too tired to figure it out. It's still pretty!

Miss Bee


  1. Hi Miss B! Sometimes I think that I need to post that sign inside my garage too. I have a huge area of "stuff" covered up waiting to be redone come Spring. Yes...we still have cold weather here and 6 to 8 inches of snow coming tomorrow.

    Do you know about DebbieDoo's blogging party for newbies? If you haven't been there you need to go over and sign up. She will find you all kinds of followers...and tell her I sent you so she can send me cash...(just kidding-no cash involved- darn it all anyway).

    Your post is darling and so is your blog -you just need ot get recognized now. If you can't find Debbie-Doos let me know and I'll point you to her. Hugs- Diana

    ps...the photo is beautiful!

  2. Hi Miss B! My friend Diana told me about your wonderful blog. I am hosting a newbie party now, and would love for you to join in...Hope to see you, will have fun!


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