Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm in Love!

I think I'm in love....(sigh!). I opened up my Better Homes and Gardens (finally) this morning with my 3rd cup of coffee and saw this:

Better Homes & Gardens May 2011 - "Let's Make a Steal"
I love this space! I would have posted both halves but the computer is acting wonky on me tonight and taking FOREVER to do anything.  I love everything in here but the part that immediately grabbed me was that painting! The colors, the movement, the texture, etc. ....I love it! The canvas is coming out asap and I'm making myself something similar. A little paint, maybe even some joint compound for texture first, and a masterpiece is born (wink, wink)!

In other news, no broken wrist (Thank you, Lord!) but I do have one with strep and the little guy announced just a few minutes ago that his "mouth" was hurting and he needed medicine! He's way too observant of things for his own good. I'll be monitoring again in the AM to see if he really has it or if he was just stalling bedtime.

Oh, and the looking FAB! I spent the entire day giving it a detail cleaning getting residual stripper off. This thing has some serious man hours in it! In order to get it ready to paint, I've had to take it down to its bare bones and that was some heavy layers of "you name it". The arms and back are screaming at me:)

Miss Bee


  1. That spread in Better Homes is by an Atlanta blogger and I follow her blog and hope to meet her in person soon. Sherry is a hoot. You should visit her blog design indulgence.

  2. Kim is right, Sherry is awesome. As soon as I saw this picture with the hand on the mantle, I knew it was her room. lol

  3. That settles it. Ms. Sherry is officially on my list of "wanna meet" people. Anyone who can throw a room together that looks like this on a flea market budget is my kinda gal! A great sense of humor never hurts, either;) (I'm still drooling over that painting.)

  4. Thanks for sharing my room! That painting so caught my eye at Scott's one day. I drooled.....and kept going by it. When I asked the price it was just way over my budget...and after a few minutes she came down a third!!! Even though it was still out of my budget I knew I had to have it. It is all of my fav colors.

  5. Oh yea...when I do put it on the curb...I will notify you first :)

  6. I've just installed iStripper, and now I can watch the hottest virtual strippers on my taskbar.


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