Monday, April 25, 2011

A Gorgeous Home and a Project Peek

A blog I read, Verdigris Vie, recently posted about this gorgeous home designed by Ericka Powell in Santa Rosa Beach, FL featured in Trad Home online magazine. I just had to pass it on. There is a lot I like about it. It's a great mix of subtle coastal (i.e. colors, texture, atmosphere), traditional, and contemporary. I love a home that conveys a mood or feeling subtly. One where you have to really think about why you're getting a certain vibe. To me, creating a "feeling" without the obvious things (i.e. sea shells, oars) takes skill. Don't get me wrong, I like the obvious, but it's a lot easier to pull off.

Love all the natural light and that rug!

This would make an awesome studio space. Talk about inspiration!

I'd probably whiten the cabinets more instead of them being so yellow, but doesn't this make you want to
pull out the bar stool/chairs and chat over dinner preparations?

Talk about relaxing!

O.k. I went online to look at this home and then I saw the one by Lisa Sternfeld following it in the magazine spread! WOW! I'm in love with the relaxed color palette. I'm all about a home where you feel like you can breathe and this one feels like you could just take flight. I do think I'd have to add just a touch more of an organic, down to earth feel in order to feel like I could plop down on the sofa and put my feet up. Throw in some stuff like: some sea grass rugs, plants, woven baskets, a few "loved" pieces of furniture - like my redone antiques. Like most of you, I have kids (BOYS!) and a room can't feel "breakable" for me to relax. Pretty as it is, this table just looks like it would collapse just from my boys looking at it! Don't even get me started on what they could do to those gorgeous chairs. UGH! They'd be banned from even walking in this room:)

I'm in love with those mirrors. I want a pair in my master bathroom! I also love the blue. Very calming.

Love the walls and natural light. I'd have to "loosen" this room up a little, though:)
If you want to see more of those homes, click here go to Trad Home online magazine. This whole issue is just spectacular! I spent forever just browsing through it getting really inspired.

Now, I have just one last "issue of business" with you. Want to see a sneak peek of what I found under about three layers of paint on that old armoire I brought home the other day? It's exciting to peel back the layers and find out what's underneath!

Someone PLEASE explain to me why this was ever painted?!
I can't understand why some things get painted. I'm all about painting a piece as long as it isn't gorgeous woodwork, but when this much work was put into something I have a hard time with it. I don't know if I can salvage it with just stain, though. It may need too much touch up. I can't wait to finish it up and show it to you! It's gonna be BEAUTIFUL! But, it may be just a little while because I have to take two little boys to the doctor today. One with probably strep and one with a hurt wrist (please don't be broken!). Until tomorrow....
Miss Bee

p.s. I still have so much to do to this blog. I gotta figure out how to make a button, host a party (eventually), finish getting things in my linked pages....and the list goes on. If you know how to do one of these and want to share some tips, PLEASE DO! I'll figure it out, but any help would be greatly appreciated:)


  1. Great photos. I love Traditional Home magazine. Been getting it for years. Love the armoire you are working on. It takes time to learn all this blogging techno stuff. I am still learning. I do know that it is recommended not to start hosting a party until you have a lot of followers and traffic in order for it to do well. I just started mine a few months ago after I reached a thousand followers.

  2. How stunning is this home, i love the bedroom & Ive always liked the thought of a fireplace in a bedroom as a feature would be lovely curled up on a winters eveing with the fire roaring. How grand is that dining room its simply beautiful, great images thanks for sharing

  3. Love all the pics. I have a feeling I'd like that magazine, didn't know it existed. I'm always looking for inspiring home magazines, even if it is for dreaming till I can one day do it for real. HA!

    Hope the boys are okay, all three of mine have now had one cast a piece and it is no fun.


  4. Beautiful photos. I esp love the blue rooms. I'm looking for soft blues like that for the master bedroom right now so great timing for me! PS if you get any answers to your PS please send them my way! LOL

  5. Beautiful photos. I esp love the blue rooms. I'm looking for soft blues like that for the master bedroom right now so great timing for me! PS if you get any answers to your PS please send them my way! LOL

  6. Deanna-
    Glad you liked them! I have my bedroom currently painted in an almost identical blue that I love. It's "Brittany Blue" by Benjamin Moore. Great color and I've used all the colors on that card in a mural in my son's room. It's a very soft, cool relaxing blue. I'll try and post pics soon of those two rooms.


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