Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Inspiration Board #6

Well, it's about time to share another inspiration board with you, isn't it?! It's only been...ummm.... Let's just say it's been WAY too long! 

Ready for that design board? I'm all into spring colors. I always am this time of year. Frankly, I love them year round. So, my inspiration today is coming from this photo I took at Biltmore House when we were there last month:

"Yellow & Red Tulips"
B.E. Photography
Where does your mind go when you see that gorgeous combo of bright yellow and orange tinted red? For me, these are the images that immediately pop into my head:

fresh cut grass,
colorful flower beds,
spring showers,
blue skies, 
bright new green leaves....

and then I ended up with this fabric being my next and main jumping off point:

Recognize this? It's the fabric I fell in love with about a month ago!
Braemore Selim Punch

Those colors and pattern just scream the need for a whimsical and fun room! I pulled together a breakfast room based off these two images. One that would be fun to sit in and energizing each morning. This was my final result, which you can also view each piece of independently on Pinterest:

Inspiration Board #6
B.E. Interiors
I started this board on March 26th and I'm just now finding time to finish it up and post it! Funny. When I started blogging it was to build my business as well as to connect with like-minded people all across the globe. Now, I've been incredibly blessed with as much work as I want to take on and struggle with finding time to blog! My, how the tables have turned. I've never felt so content in what I'm doing. I've been incredibly blessed! The best part is that it seems to be constantly evolving. 

I started out redoing pieces to sell in a consignment/antique shop. Now I'm doing mainly custom work from furniture to drapery to design consulting (which is my favorite) with custom painted furniture running a close second. I still have dreams of one day having my own fabric design label, but that would just be a big plus at this point. If I've learned anything, it's that being open to whatever the good Lord puts in front of me brings the greatest joy.... not me trying to plan out the future. He keeps bringing bigger and better stuff as time goes by and I'm constantly excited to see what's next:)

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  1. I just went to a small fabric store trying to find a contemporary floral for a few pillows...Voila...Selim Punch....I see that you have a check paired with you know of a stripe that would pull out the corals? I have other shades of green in my room so need to avoid clashing..thanks. Your blog is super!!


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