Friday, March 23, 2012

Time keeps on ticking, ticking...into the future!

"New Life"
B.E. Photography

There I go again with a song. See. They just pop into my head for headlines, and I have no idea why.

Been a while, hasn't it? Now that some events have passed, I feel like I can actually sit down and think again. In His devine providence, the Lord saw fit for me to basically loose about four months of life as I know it, but in doing so, has brought me so much closer to Him.

First, we lost a family member rather suddenly, then it was Christmas, then I did a remodel in record time, got sick while doing so,  dealt with a declining grandmother (who has made a slight upward turn...Ms. Energizer Bunny!), then spent three weeks of my life wondering if something was seriously wrong with my health! UGh! Now that it's over, I can say, God has been incredibly good to me and my family by allowing me to find out I'm totally fine.

I mentioned before I had made three trips to the doctors office with an upper respiratory issue, but could not seem to get well. Long story short, on the third trip, she took x-rays, freaked me out by sending me to a pulmunologist who had me do lung testing and told me that I had some "scaring" showing up in my lungs that "wasn't normal" and scheduled me for CT scan!!! Having just buried someone with lung cancer, I nearly fell completely apart as my nerves were already shot. I seriously started wondering if my doctor really knew what she was doing, and became very frustrated with not ever getting a diagnosis. I got my x-rays, went to a new internal medicine doc and was diagnoised in one visit with bronchitis... something I've never had and the first doctor should have been able to recognize. I then waited a week and had to go through CT scan...something else I've never done. By this point, I was feeling fine and was starting to wonder if the CT was even necessary, but for peace of mind went anyway. In the end, the pulmunologist's office called me this week and told me.....that my lungs were totally normal and fine! The "scaring" (bronchitis) they'd seen was no longer there. Is God great or what?! I nearly went comatose, I was so exhausted from the stress of the last few months:)

There was some serious praying going on during those three weeks. While reading the boys' Bible story one night, I was hit with the feeling that God was speaking directly to me. Ever felt that? We were reading about how the twelve spies were sent out to steak out the promised land by Moses. When they came back, only two (Joshua and Caleb) chose to believe in what they could not see, and told the people they could take the land with God's help. The other ten lost faith and were intimidated by what they saw, so they told lies about how impossible it would be to take the land of Canaan. I not only felt it then, but continued to feel like God was telling me to keep my trust in him,  not in what I saw or heard. I knew I was to trust in the unseen God and his plan for me, not in the info and opinions being thrust in front of my face. It's been a serious evaluation of my faith. I'm not so proud of how much fear I had or how little my faith was, but I am incredibly grateful for the patience of such a loving, heavenly Father who knows what we need when we need it. I had wonderful friends and family praying for me every step of the way. Every time I felt like I was at the end of my rope, He would send a shower of peace over me, reminding me to trust in Him.

A lot of time was spent debating what my future might hold and what changes I might have to make to my business if I was even able to keep doing it. I've mentioned before that I am very leery of chemicals. After coloring my hair with a new dye full of ammonia (and not yet knowing I had bronchitis), my lungs just slammed shut and I ended up at the doctor's office to get a steroid shot. I've always been bothered by fumes, but I've never had issues breathing and it scared me to death! That was confirmation that I am just hypersensitive to fumes. I have made the decision to primarily stick with paint or unfinished applications. No more contact cement and VERY little staining, which will only be done with a respirator and outside. I'm dying to get back to projects and have turned my attentions for now on our house and getting some things done around here to share with you.

Well, there's your update and why I've not written in a while. I feel great now! To top it off, it's my favorite time of year (even with all the yellow pollen). Everywhere I turn, I see new photo shots and beautiful fresh colors. Be inspired to trust in our unseen God! Look at the beauty surrounding us in the spring and marvel that he would take the time to create such grandeur for us to enjoy:)

I sit at my dining room table and work each day, looking out the window at the beautiful birds that flock to the feeder hung in the maple tree. This little guy is one of my favorites! There's a Mrs. Cardinal I'm waiting to get a shot of as well:)

B.E. Photography

This little guy is voicing my praises for good health and God's grace!

"Singing Cardinal"
B.E. Photography

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  1. Oh-It is nice to see you back! I am sorry you had such a scare! There is nothing worse that having health problems and not KNOWING what it is. It is a scary tunnel we look down when that happens. I am also sorry for the loss of a family member. Life can change in a moment, can't it?

    Well, blogging world being what it is you will most likely have to "start all over" again- take the time to go visit other blogs and comment, etc, so people can discover/rediscover you. Hang in there....I am glad to see you here- xo Diana

  2. Sorry, you got it wrong! -- 'Fly Like An Eagle" By The Steve Miller Band

    "Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' Into the future "


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