Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tobi Fairley Inspiration

All images shown on this post via Tobi Fairley's Portfolio.

Yesterday I went searching for some ideas to liven the dining room up. I'm not going to repaint, but I am thinking of recovering the four chairs I already did with something a little more cheerful. (Go ahead...say it. I know what you are thinking, "Are you insane?!")

I took down the damask curtains. I may even sell the rug! I think I'll list them on Craig's List along with the two extra plaid curtain panels that corrdinate with the rug (that's what I used on the chairs). I'm not only realizing I just need color around me, but I also like neutral rugs. I'm going back to my old stand-by – my no fail rug choice: sea grass. No matter what I do, it always goes with a sea grass rug:)

These are just some ideas I'm tossing around. We'll see. Right now I have some valances and drapery panels I'm working on for a client to finish up. I'll show you some before and after pics when I get them installed. I'm also having to rest. I made my third trip back to the doc [in three weeks] today and have now started my second AND third round of antibiotics. I think I just pushed myself too hard with work and all the family events since this fall and it finally caught up with me. Have I mentioned I can tend to be a work-aholic - although not consciously? It's not until I'm about to drop that I realize I've not taken a break. That's great for clients... not so great for me when I'm sick and should be resting. Now, I'm just plain sick of being SICK and will do whatever I need to... including sitting on my rear for a week if need be so the meds can do their job (I SOO don't do that well!). I'll be fine and am working much harder at pacing myself these days:)

During my down time, I decided to go check out Tobi Fairley's website for ideas. I love the way she uses color. It's not over the top, but it's vibrant, happy, and soothing all at the same time. Love it! Here's some of the images I particularly liked:

Hmmmm.... here's an idea for punching up a room with black. Colorful art and accessories layered over a black "canvas".

Subtle use of color on the chair fabric.

Simple but elegant use of contrasts.

This just screams summertime to me!

Thinking I like the more graphic nature of black and white versus black and beige.

How great are those silhouettes in bright colors? Simple art work anyone could do.

I'm a big fan of this color combo.

Great little vignette of complimentary colors!

This kitchen just has my name all over it!

Those are so my colors!

I love that orange is popular again.

Take a color and spread it around in bits to keep it from looking random and to tie it all together.

Just adding some colorful flowers or art can make a room pop!

Great use of white, orange and it's compliment soft blue.

I love a white kitchen with a dark stained island.

I'm fancying some green painted chests for night stands when I look at this picture.

Neutrals but lots of texture and pattern - not boring.



I'm particularly in love with this melon pink right now!

Feel like grabbing a paint brush yet and slapping some color on a small side piece or lamp? How about some beautiful flowers in a vase? Or maybe some colorful throw pillows? Those are fun and easy to switch out when you tire of them. Go for it. Be bold and push yourself to use step out of your comfort zone of neutrals!

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  1. Don''t you find all those rooms have one thing in common? They just feel cheerful to me. The first one could have been taken at Gramma Clara's Pompano Beach condo in the early 70's...right down to the starburst mirror. It is almost like visiting her again.

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