Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quote of the Day

You know, I learned a long time ago to laugh at myself, because if I didn't I'd just cry:) As I was visiting with grandmother after church Sunday I made the most incredibly profound statement. She was having a very confusing day and was getting really frustrated with herself. She looked at me and said,

"You know, God gave me some insight today as to 
why he's allowed me to live so long (94), even though I can't seem to remember anything anymore...... 
(me waiting patiently)
..... but, I can't remember what it was!" 

I couldn't help myself and burst out laughing! Her frustrated frown turned into a smile at how funny she'd just been without even trying.

Being the genius that I am, I had to one up her with the following (unintentionally):

"Just remember, Grandmother..." (OMG! Did I seriously just say that?!) 
I tried to regain my composure and reign in the giggles.... 
"the great thing about being forgetful is you don't remember that you forgot anything!" 

With that we both went into a fit of laughter at just how ridiculous that whole conversation had been! Sometimes I just amaze myself with my intelligence (Snort, snort!).  I'm beginning to think it's genetic.

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  1. Adorable! Touched my heart! Humor in the sweetest most endearing way! What a gift to experience, and be able to share/compassionate with others! Thank you for this uplifting story today, and always!

  2. So sweet. I, too have a 95 year old "adopted" grandmother. She wonders why the Lord leaves her here on earth. She is forgetful, but not Alzheimers. Believe it or not (she can't believe it), she is having surgery next month on a blocked artery. She was SO surprised that they would do surgery on a 95 year old woman. :-)

    All to say, I relate to your post. :-)

    1. Bless you all:) It is so hard to watch someone you love loosing their ability to remember even the simpiliest of things. When we can, though, we try our best to just laugh at it all and count our many remaining blessings. Knowing our stories touch you all is one of them! Thanks for taking the time to let me know:)

  3. How wonderful that you took a confusing (and to her heartbreaking) moment and turned it into a laugh. Losing a mother to dementia I know how hard it is to walk in all of your shoes. xo Diana


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