Friday, April 13, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things....

As I sat here this morning proofing other upcoming posts to make sure I've not made any dumb typos (not that I EVER do!), the thought crossed my mind to do a few posts on some of my favorite things to use in interiors... be it painting furniture or designing a room.

Everyone that enjoys design is going to find that there are certain elements that will seem to repeatedly appear in the rooms or projects they put together. It's not always a conscious thing. Interior designers and those that really study their style will be very aware of it. Those that just enjoy decorating and are good at it, may or may not realize they tend to use the same elements over and over again, just in different ways.

My style tends to be a big mix. Remember, I'm a design mutt with no true "interior design" pedigree (Which is subject to change one day!). I'm not a purest. I love to break some rules and use elements from all over the board. One thing that is a common thread in my designs is a certain level of practicality. Beautiful is great, but not if you can't actually live in it. I don't want a room to look like a museum - too pretty to touch or relax!

That said, what are those things that I tend to continually use in design? The first that comes to mind is lots of white - but not sterile or ALL white. It adds a touch of modern, cleanliness, crispness, brightness, and goes with everything. Whether it's a warm white or a cool white depends on the rest of the colors or elements being use. Most of the time I like a warm white. These are some great examples:

Oakley Home Builders traditional kitchen
Look how bright, clean and crisp this kitchen looks! The hardwood floors and island counter top just pop against all that white. This is one of my favorites.

West Coast Hampton traditional living room
See how great the colors of the rug and art pop off the white walls? 
All that white is grounded with a dark ebony wood floor, railings and black hardware.

Family Room contemporary media room
Here, it's the white trim and ceilings that make the wall color and neutrals pop.

Kirkland Lake View House eclectic laundry room
 I love this laundry room with it's bright white cabinetry, contrasting 
checkerboard floor and fresh green wall paint. It just screams clean and fresh to me. 

Cheery Laundry Room eclectic laundry room
Again, cheerful and bright accents to a clean white background. Fun!

Hudson Road Residence eclectic kitchen
Here is another great example of how white and 
neutral, natural colors make small colorful accents really stand out in a room.

Young Girls Room eclectic kids
This is a great use of color. The bedding and window seat 
cushion could easily be changed out to create a totally different look.

Living Room / Dining Room. eclectic living room
This time, the white is in reverse. Change just the wall color and pillows... suddenly it's a totally different room.

Master Bathroom traditional bathroom
Here, the white creates a clean and soothing mood with the soft blues and grays.

Traditional Living traditional closet
A white closet will make coordinating a wardrobe easier,
and make a room with typically no windows much brighter. Just make sure 
to have the right lighting! Bright, crisp light like halogen will show colors and skin tones best.

Lakeview Residence Bedroom traditional bedroom
I love a warm dark brown with crisp white! 
It's a great example of contrasts and how to create interest in a room with potentially little texture.

Stair traditional entry
Here, dark stain that helps to ground the bright white trim and neutral wall color.

Childrens room traditional kids
White or creamy white is great to balance all the color that tends to end up in a nursery and it's gender neutral!

Seating Area eclectic living room
Another great example of just how little color it actually takes to make 
a room bright and vibrant when balanced with lots of white as your backdrop.

Although these rooms are a mix of styles, white is used pretty liberally in each one in different ways. When I use it, it's typically to accentuate or make the other colors in the room pop or to create a feeling. Unlike when you pick out that perfect paint color for the walls, white is the absence of color. It creates more contrast and directs your eye to the actual colors in the room... be it a literal paint color or natural textures and color. The whiter, the more contrast and energy. The creamier, the more soothing.

Black can be used much the same way, but it creates a totally different mood. White creates a bright, vibrant, clean, light hearted and slightly less formal palette, whereas black can create a more serious, structured and formal mood. It's kind of like that little black cocktail dress versus a white sun dress. White reflects light, bouncing it around the room off the other elements.

I knew all those hours spent studying color theory, printing and color psychology would somehow come in handy! There. You have now been "ed-u-ma-cated". I've "learned you somethun'", as we jokingly say in the south. I'll continue to sprinkle in posts about a few more of my favorite things in decor over the next couple of weeks. If you really are just in the mood to look at pictures and not read, then jump on over to Pinterest and look at my boards. I'm constantly pinning. I think I have a new addiction!

Until then, have a great weekend!

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  1. Beautiful images here, Miss Bee! I LOVE that bathroom with the wallpaper and domed ceiling. It is perfect- xo Diana

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