Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kitchen Organization Inspiration

I don't know about you, but when the new year rolls in, I am sooooo ready to send the Christmas decor packing! As much as I love Christmas, I get a twitch with all the clutter decorations that come out after about a week.

The area that I am currently focused on trying to get organized is my kitchen and pantry. That room drives me crazy! When we moved into this house, I was pregnant with baby number three and everything was just kind of thrown into a spot. It hasn't been properly organized since. Gee. I wonder why?! In our previous houses, I've always had a spot for everything and everything was in it's place. This house has turned me on my head! Wait...maybe it's not the house. Maybe that's just what having three kids (boys) does to you!

Anyhow, I went on a hunt for some inspiration. I've got to get this place whipped into shape. Clean counters and everything having a place out of sight if possible makes me so happy! For a long time I've stashed kitchen/pantry organization ideas into a "Dream" file to be used for building my dream home.  I'm needing some direction so I pulled them out and went hunting for more. Want to see? I KNOW there are plenty of you out there who need to do a little organizing as much as I do, and dreaming never hurt anyone:)

15 Vintage Blue Ball Jar Pints by Mattlaurajones traditional food containers and storage
I love the old blue Ball canning jars. I'm slowly building a collection to use as storage like the below picture.
Me likey!
via beachbungalow8

Cabinet Organizer  cabinet and drawer organizers

Rev-A-Shelf In-Cabinet Chrome Cabinet Organizer modern cabinet and drawer organizers

Rev-A-Shelf Door Mount Spice Rack  cabinet and drawer organizers

9 Knape & Vogt TDRO Tray Divider Roll-Out - Wood-Wire - Frosted Nic  cabinet and drawer organizers

Apothecary Jars traditional food containers and storage

Large Magnetic Spice Board  food containers and storage

3 Tier Expanding Spice Shelf Rack via The Container Store.

Source unknown.
Book shelves on either side of the cook top.

Can rack via The Container Store

Mirrored pantry door for a little visual expansion!
via Centsational Girl

Great entrance into a huge pantry!
via Atlanta Homes Magazine

pantry via Better Homes and Gardens

Adding a little background to the mundane is genius!
via House of Smiths

Sliding Cup Rack via The Container Store

Magnetic Knife Rack via The Container Store

Maxing out the storage possibilities!
via Home Crest Cabinets

Make use of the end of those cabinets! Easy retrofit.
via Home Crest Cabinets

Slide out storage for the awkward pots and pans.
via Home Crest Cabinets

Another spice storage option.
via Home Crest Cabinets

Spice storage pullout option.
via The Container Store

Love this knife storage option! Under mounted and pull down.
via The Family Handyman

Another way to hide the command post!
via The Family Handyman

Finally! A pretty under shelf basket (Vinea) that isn't so utilitarian looking!
via Organize

Wall Door Lid Rack via The Container Store

White Elfa Door Rack System for the pantry.
via The Container Store

Wrap N Bag Organizer via The Container Store.

Under sink pullout via Rev-A-Shelf.
If I had a really little dog, I'd put a curtain here and stick the dog bed up under there! Mine always wants to sit at my feet anyway when I'm at the sink. Plus, there's a heat vent directly underneath...built in heating pad!

These are one of my all time favorite gadgets! I just bought some today to retrofit into my sink cabinet and the bathrooms are next:)
Pullout Tray Caddies via Rev-A-Shelf

Wasted under cabinet space is a pet peeve of mine and these rock!
Single Swing out Pantry Shelf for Under Cabinet via Rev-A-Shelf

Gotta have a hidden place for those PRISTINE white hand-towels. Right? Not in a world with kids!
via Rev-A-Shelf
There you go. Some of the organizational goodies that have caught my eye. Everyone has different needs, but these would make me a very happy girl:) Beware, though. You could go broke with all the cool gadgets out there!

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p.s. I'm such a goofball! I titled this wrong and posted it with a future post heading!
At least I caught it, right (wink, wink)?!


  1. Lots of neat ideas! I almost scored one of those big glass canisters at a thrift the other day, then I realized the lid was warped (probably why it was there). If you need any of the vintage zinc tops with glass inserts for your ball jars let me know...I've got a dozen or so...:)

  2. There are a lot of really great ideas here. I need to get so much stuff sorted and organized this year...and there are some ideas here that I can, and will, use. xo Diana

  3. My cabinets are a total disaster. I'm bookmarking this post to hopefully serve as inspiration as soon as I get out of my pajamas (my yearly week long protest of getting back to routine after the holidays)

  4. You're a girl after my own heart! Classy organization! I'm always inspired when I visit. I've got a new blog. Hope it inspires as well!

  5. OH MY! I thought I was the only one with such wonderful ideas for my dream kitchen. Thanks so much for putting in photo form what I've thought of but didn't know if even existed. I will have to print this post and put it in my folder of kitchen ideas. IF I ever get to build that dream house, I can guarantee that even if I have to skimp in other areas, my kitchen is going to be one like no other when it comes to practicality and useability, not necessarily fancy. :-) I spend more time in there than in any other room and I've got to have it functional. HA!

    Gotta run (it's supper time),


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