Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Flor Creativity

"Needlepoint Stripe"

I'm completely obsessed with a product and have been for some time. Have you ever checked out Flor carpet tiles? The possibilities are endless! I think that is why I'm so in love with them.

"Martha Stewart Velvet Twist"

"Home Movies"

Somewhere around five or six years ago I discovered them, but was REALLY sceptical because all I could think about was the old carpet tiles that were around when I was a teenager. The ugly, hard, Berber, industrial things that I thought were incredibly ugly and uncomfortable.

"Finer Things"

"Coming Along"
LOVE this one and how it is the look of sea grass but super easy maintenance!

Then I discovered Flor. Ahhhhh! Carpet have come a long way, baby!
"Martha Stewart Lattice"


If you know anything about me, it's that I love design. BUT, I am also a realist, frugal and very practical. One of the fantastic things about these babies are that you can pull up a tile to clean it or replace it. How much better can it get if:
1. you have kids,
2. you have pets, or
3. you entertain a lot!


"Sweater Weather"

The tiles aren't all cheap and your custom rug won't come out necessarily cheaper than a standard size rug, BUT when you factor in being able to save it by replacing one or two tiles versus the whole thing, it's worth paying the same or a little more for.

"Modern Mix"

"Suit Yourself"
Great sisal look!

Do you have any idea how many times I've pulled on the reins when contemplated buying an expensive rug because I couldn't bare to sink a small fortune into something that my sweet babies could ruin in a split second? My readers witnessed that as I contemplated a new rug for my dining room this summer!

"Sheer Indulgence"
"Weave a Story"
"Yeah, Baby!"
This is so fun, yet not overboard with the soft colors!

"Soft Spoken"

To top it off, their catalog has some great product shots in wonderfully designed rooms. So, I get inspired to design in other ways as well. And just so you know, Flor has no idea I'm writing this. It's not because I'm being paid to. I just really like this product and wanted to tell you about it:)

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