Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday Inspiration #5

Yes, it's really Tuesday, but let's pretend I'm not behind, shall we? I spent yesterday ripping upholstery off my dining room chairs only to realize that my staple gun won't fit down inside this odd layout groove on the backs to reupholster them! UGH! Now I have to either go rent a REAL staple gun or buy one. It's been on the list forever, but now I've gotten myself to the point it's do or die time (I mean, we're only going to be USING those chairs in a matter of days!). $$$...feeling a little sick as I think about draining more moo-la from the bank account. Oh, well. At least it's something that will get used A LOT and is really needed.

"Golden Glory"
B.E. Interiors Photography

"Golden Glory II"
B.E. Interiors Photography

Anyhoo, I finally got around to doing your inspiration board with my beautiful fall tree pic I took last week. Ready?

Brainstorming - what this photo brings to mind - my jumping off  point:

  1. sweaters,
  2. hot cocoa, coffee, cider,
  3. fires,
  4. picnics,
  5. jeans,
  6. gold,
  7. baskets,
  8. casual,
  9. rubies,
  10. topaz.
  11. rustic (just a little juxtaposition going on here!)
  12. pumpkins,
  13. wheat,
  14. warm sunshine

This picture is just Pottery Barn all the way. So, most of my decor items are coming from there today.  With all that running through my head, here's where I ended up:

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There you go. A new board to inspire you. Hope you like it and it makes you feel all warm, cozy and totally inspired to get your family room ready for those cold days ahead!

Coming soon to a computer near you...
My ideas on how to reproduce a beautiful chandelier for the fraction of the cost!

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