Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm so excited...

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬... and I just can't hide it ♪ ♫ ♬! I have been eyeing a fabric at Hancock's on the Red Tag shelf for a while to try for curtains in the dining room. I just haven't been happy with the lack of "umph!" in that room. It needed some drama somehow, but I wasn't quite sure how I could afford to bring it in. I get tons of ideas, but then have to toss most when it comes down to budget or what I realistically have the time to recreate.

Before I delve into that, I first want to share some photos I took two days ago. I got up extra early before the alarm went off and walked into see this out my dining room window!

"Be still...and know that I am God."
B.E. Photography

"Be still...and know that I am God." II
B.E. Photography

"Be still...and know that I am God." III
B.E. Photography
I felt such a sense of peace as I marveled at this gorgeous site. God was reminding me to not fret and worry about the events currently going on in our lives. To rest in his grace and as Psalms 46:10 states:

10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; 
   I will be exalted among the nations, 
   I will be exalted in the earth.”

Time has been super limited lately for me to work on projects, but I've been spending many blessed moments at the rehab center with my dying grandfather-in-law. No project or decorating can even hold a candle to that. I've been able to witness God working in our family lives in ways words can't describe. What a blessing!

O.k. So, about that fabric. It's been calling to me quietly every time I've walked in Hancock's lately. Finally I just decided I was going to buy some, try it and if it didn't work, take it back. My curiosity was getting the better of me. Imagine gold taffeta flocked with a large black damask pattern all over! Talk about formal! That would be why I kept hesitating. It's about as formal as you can get and has some serious body to it as well. While I was in, I also decided to get a black crinkle polyester with what I thought were olive and copper embroidered small dots all over it as a second option to try as well as some black and tan silk plaid pre-made curtains panels on the 60% rack (off already reduced prices). I'm sure those girls hate me in there because if something doesn't work, I make sure and take it back. I can't afford not to! And I never buy small amounts, either:) Actually, they know me by name and start laughing when I walk in and head straight for the cutting table! They know I'm there to have something measured to return:)

I knew this drapery fabric would go wonderful with the new foyer rug, but was just really worried about the formality. I'd take pics and pop them on here, but I'm exhausted tonight and will do that tomorrow. Long story short, I felt that wonderful feeling of "Ah Ha!" come over me as I realized I'd found the perfect fabric at a price I could afford!!!!! Not only that, but the second option coordinated so well with the drapery fabric, rug, and slipcovers, that I decided to use it to reupholster the two head chairs and the plaid on the other chairs! WOW! Suddenly, I'm feeling immensely relieved as I realize this room is finally about to be totally done. And not just in a "O.K." kind-of way, but in an "I'm so happy!" kind-of way (even though hubby doesn't much care for the chair fabric - yet!)! I'm now frantically working to finish the four remaining chairs and get final touches done to show you before Thanksgiving.  See, I went and put myself on a deadline by offering to have the huge extended family meal here on Thanksgiving day! NO PRESSURE! Secretly, though, I work best when I've got deadlines to meet. That's why I self-impose them on a regular basis.

This meal will be extra special though. God willing, my grandfather-in-law will be able to join us for one more Thanksgiving. His diagnosis came back about two weeks ago as very aggressive stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to the brain, wrapping around the spinal column and into the lymph nodes. These are hard days right now, but I'm just praying that God will allow us all to get together one more time. There are no guarantees as we're on a day to day basis, but then again, aren't we anyway all the time? Some serious thanks will be given on that day if he's able to join us as well as thanks that everyone else can be there!

I can't wait to show you the finished product! I think you're going to agree with me that it just pulls it all together. Now, to get those chairs finished up...

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  1. Can't wait to see it!! Glad that your family can enjoy another special time with your grandfather-in-law. Those pictures are gorgeous, thanks for the reminder to 'be still' before God; I lose sight of that too often.

  2. So glad you are able to spend time with you grandfater in law. You and your family are in my prayers. The fabric sounds beautiful, can't wait to see it. I too work best on a deadline and under pressure.

  3. I'm so sorry about your grandfather in law. I am glad you get another holiday ithhm.


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