Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kelley Interior Design Inspiration

I found another designer that I really like and thought I'd share some of her work. Designers who have the courage and confidence to use color really attract me. Her name is Kelley Proxmire. She's not new to the world of interior design as she's been in practice now for over 20 years in the Washington, D.C. area and is well recognized, but she's new to me:) As I looked over her porfolio, I felt an immediate connection because of her love for color and wanted to share one of my new found inspirations!

Oh, be still my heart! Reminds me of my own bedroom
which has been receiving some upgrades (Coming soon to a computer near you!)!

Love this inviting doorway!

How gutsy is this color scheme? I applaud the homeowner for being will to do it, and Kelley for even suggesting it!

All that yellow and pink is balanced with lots of white.

A good way to get your peach/pink fix yet not have the room get too feminine for the other half - paint the walls chocolate brown. Notice the ribbon of paint along the ceiling! It's a motif repeated throughout the room.

A little more calming color scheme, but still colorful.

Monochromatic is so restful... especially when it's soft blues.

I'm completely in love with this room for my big boy.
I think when we grow tired of the forest scene and blue camo, it'll convert to this (provided he likes it). We've already got a start with three of four walls the same navy blue.

Lilly Pulitzer would be right at home here!

Even though the cabinets are bubble gum or Pepto pink, they work because of all the white to balance it.

I've pinned this before, not knowing who had designed it. I love the black and white porch with pops of bright red.

I like so much about this room... the door, the chair fabrics,
the creamy yellow and brown, and the great lantern overhead!

According to her website, this is actually a staged house. Notice the only bright color is green and it's really scaled back. Green is a very appealing color and it's only used in places here that could easily be switched out. There is such a difference between staging and decorating for a homeowner!

Who needs color when you can look out the back french doors at this?! Heaven!

It's not often that I find a room I really like a black wall in. I'm all for trying it, but it just rarely seems to come out well. This would be a fantastic example of how great it can look when done well!

Nice and neutral. 

I think you could get a dinner party to linger quite a while in this dining room. Very calming.

And lastly, this room just makes me happy!
So, what do you think? Isn't her work great? One thing's for sure: bright color isn't for everyone. To be able to use it well without it becoming childish or cheap looking is truly a gift... one that was definitely given to Ms. Kelley!

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  1. Pure beauty here this morning. I love that first bedroom and what a pop of fun in that PINK bathroom! xo Diana

    1. Why, thank you! I feel totally energized and just plain happy looking back over those pictures:)

  2. I came looking for inspiration and as always you provide it! Beautiful! I'll have to check out her sight too, I love all the colors she uses! Nan

  3. I am looking for an inspiration for my small bedroom .. and this is awesome!!
    Thank you for sharing.

    Salam xx


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