Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Simple, yet elegant dinnerware.

I like this pattern, but that's a whole lotta money for as much of it as I would need!
Aynsley Basket Weave

After nearly twelve years, my everyday dinnerware is biting the dust. It's been heading that way for a while. One piece after another has broken, cracked or chipped over the years until I'm down to quite the hodge-podge of dishes in the cupboard. When a dinner guest asked if I ever worried that my coffee mugs would shatter when hot liquid was poured into them, I knew I'd put off replacing them too long! (How embarrassing!)

Thinking this will be the winner. It has great reviews! It's microwaveable, dishwasher safe, and very reasonably priced. You can also buy by the piece versus having to buy sets. Bingo! Most bang for my buck so far!
Ten Strawberry St Havana Weave
As pretty as colored dishes can be, white is so much more practical and versatile. It goes with any decor scheme. If you really want to be practical, don't even get a pattern on it like I did with the basket relief. I wanted just a little design. The basket relief is elegant when needs be yet casual enough for every day. I'm all about having just one set of dinnerware!

My old dinnerware from Pier 1. Loved the look, but not good for the microwave...
and that's a must around here! I don't even think they make it anymore.

It was love at first sight when I saw my everyday dinnerware at Pier 1 years ago (swoon!). I still love it, but there is just one small problem: it does not microwave well! Some pieces get scalding hot while the food remains cold, meaning I'm afraid to pick up anything that had been heated. There's been many a burned hand:(
Really pretty, but don't care for the size of the mugs. I'm a serious coffee drinker and so is just about everyone I have over. A mug like this just isn't practical for our everyday use.
Oneida Westerly Basket Weave

Nice, but a little pricey for as much as I need.
Pillivuyt Basket Weave

Very nice and reasonably priced, but hasn't got the greatest reviews.
Thinking this may be one of those..."you get what you pay for" deals.
Psaltsgraff Basket Weave

Nice, but once again, it's pricey for everyday use.
Wedgewood Nantucket

The basket pattern has stood the test of time, though. I still love it as much now as I did then. So, I'm on a mission to find a new set of dinnerware that is a little more durable, yet has the same look and feel. I'm finding that there is quite a selection out there of white basket relief. Wha-hoo! Now, just to pick one because I need a ton of it!

Oh, and guess what is open this weekend for three days? My fabric warehouse! I feel a trip coming on:)

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  1. Oh what fun. I just bought a set not too long ago. I had very plain white dishes and wanted something with a little design to it. I found it at (of all places) KMart. It is the Jacqueline Smith line and has a filigree all around the edges. It is heavy though but does look beautiful. I do have good china too but use this for most meals. I love it and the mugs/cups are the best! Good luck picking the right one. It's a big decision, isn't it cuz it's something you use every day! xo Diaan

  2. I'm a big fan of white dishes. They're always in style, always elegant and when you do have an itch to have some color you can mix colored dishes with them. Makes them go farther when you're having a party!
    Have fun!


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